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Reinventing education

Oracle Education Foundation

The Oracle Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and staffed by Oracle employees. Its mission is to help young people develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and persistence to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems.

Oracle Education Foundation

The program

In the Foundation’s program, Oracle Volunteers coach high school students through classes at the intersection of design thinking and science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) disciplines. Students learn coding, electrical engineering, and human-centered design from actual practitioners, and then apply their skills and knowledge to prototyping solutions. The Foundation’s program also organizes internships for high school students.

Skillanthropy in Action

Skillful philanthropy in action

Oracle employees who participate in the Foundation’s program—whether coaching classes or managing interns—are true “skillanthropists.” They apply their personal and professional skills to positively impacting students’ lives. The program engages employees from a wide range of disciplines, including software development, user experience research, marketing, and corporate citizenship.

Beyond d.tech

Expanding the program

In FY20, the Foundation set out to scale its successful program beyond Design Tech High School to other schools, paying special attention to groups of young people underrepresented in STEAM careers. The program now serves students at Eastside College Prep in East Palo Alto, California and the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin, Texas. Additionally, the Foundation teamed up with Junior Achievement from August to October 2020 to deliver virtual classes for students across Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. See the Latin America program in action.

remote learning

Learning from anywhere

Throughout the global pandemic, the Foundation has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving students and their evolving needs. In March 2020, having previously experimented with dispersed learning, the Foundation quickly adapted to delivering classes virtually. It now moves fluidly between delivering in-person and virtual learning opportunities.

Actionable ideas become functional prototypes

Students share their creations

Haptic Directions

Haptic Directions
Navigating a new area can be challenging even for the most experienced traveler. Staring at your phone to navigate is a safety hazard that can lead to injuries among pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles. Haptic Directions is a portable, compact device that gives you turn-by-turn directions through a series of vibrations. This device can benefit travelers, the visually impaired, and most everyone else.

Journey of a Cancer Cell

Journey of a Cancer Cell
Cancer is a frightening diagnosis, especially for children who may not fully understand the causes, prognosis, and treatments. Journey of a Cancer Cell is an educational game for children that follows a cancerous cell as it develops and travels through the human body. Throughout the game, information about cancer is presented in child-friendly ways, and mini-games help deepen the player’s understanding of cancer.


Each year, thousands of baseball players suffer preventable repetitive motion injuries caused by overhand throwing. These injuries can lead to painful surgery, rehabilitation, and loss of playing time. Pitchimo is a smart compression sleeve that alerts players and trainers to potential problems—before an injury occurs. With Pitchimo, muscle sensors monitor fatigue and an inertial measurement unit monitors body mechanics and the force of throws.


Emergency preparedness is a vital part of running any school. Branch is a seamless Internet of Things (IoT) solution for teachers and faculty to implement emergency response protocols, classroom controls, facilities management, and student information services with the touch of a button, all on a simple dashboard. Branch allows teachers and students to focus their time on learning, rather than worrying about potential emergencies.

Hard Choices

Hard Choices
Homelessness is a major problem in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, yet misconceptions about the causes and solutions are common. Hard Choices is an educational game that puts the player in the shoes of one of our low-income Bay Area residents. The players develop empathy as they experience a multitude of factors that result in homelessness and housing insecurity.

Redd the Travel Bot

Redd the Travel Bot
California’s redwoods, the tallest and largest trees on Earth, are home to a myriad of species of plants and animals, and yet their conservation and care remain an issue. It’s challenging to mobilize people to protect this essential ecosystem without first experiencing its beauty and power. Redd is a chatbot, built on Oracle Digital Assistant, designed to help people plan a trip to California's redwood forests and learn simultaneously.

Auto Flöte Clean

Auto Flöte Clean
Proper maintenance of musical instruments increases their lifespan and preserves the proper tones. Auto Flöte Clean is an automated flute-cleaning machine that takes a time-consuming, boring chore and makes it easy and fun. Comprised of four 3D-printed components, it uses Arduino programming and mechanical engineering to detect and clean each part of the flute.

Impact at a glance

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  • 626

    volunteering engagements

  • 20,237

    volunteer hours donated

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  • 1,995

    student engagements

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All Jacked Up—A student 3D project presented by Oracle Education Foundation

In Oracle Education Foundation’s 3D Design + Production class, students developed a lightweight, portable motorcycle lift to help their 79-year-old user fix a flat tire without having to lay down his 250-pound dirt bike and then wrestle it up again.

Oracle Education Foundation presents the innovators of tomorrow

From an IoT solution that automates emergency preparedness at schools to a chatbot that inspires peoples to help save redwood trees, Design Tech High School students showcased the prototypes they built in Oracle Education Foundation classes at the Oracle OpenWorld conference.

Oracle Education 3D Design + Production class for girls

In Oracle Education Foundation’s 3D Design + Production class, students learn how to design and produce 3D prototypes using industry-standard tools. 22 girls from Design Tech High School participated in this class, which featured 3D-printing technology company Carbon.

Conservation technology with Oracle Education Foundation and National Geographic

National Geographic Explorer Shah Selbe joins the Oracle Education Foundation’s data visualization class and introduces Design Tech High School students to conservation technology that enables good stewardship of the salt marsh that’s in their school’s backyard.

Oracle Education Foundation wearable technology workshop for girls

22 ninth-grade girls participated in the Oracle Education Foundation’s first wearable technology workshop. Hear what the Design Tech High School students and Oracle Volunteer instructors have to say about the experience.

Oracle Games4Good in Latin America

Oracle Education Foundation's program crossed borders to Latin America to give public high school students the chance to address local issues by using coding and design thinking.