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David Entwistle

Stanford Health Care is proud to have Oracle as a Stanford Medicine Corporate Partner. Through its generous support of this program, Oracle is assuring the health and well-being of its own employees and their families while elevating standards of care for patients everywhere.

—David Entwistle, President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

Oracle is a founding member of the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program, supporting the development of the new Stanford Hospital, which is set to open in early 2018. Oracle’s grant of US$25 million over 10 years is dedicated to creating a healthier future for our community and our employees around the globe.

Increasing Access to Essential Services

Designed with the flexibility to incorporate new technologies as they emerge, the new hospital will have state-of-the-art interventional suites, private patient rooms, expansive rooftop gardens, and extensive amenities for visitors and families. It will also feature a Level 1 trauma center—the only one between San Francisco and San Jose, California—that will increase community access to vital emergency services.

Leveraging the Latest Biomedical Innovations

The new Stanford Hospital will be among the most advanced ever built, leveraging the latest biomedical innovations to deliver coordinated, multidisciplinary care tailored to patients’ individual needs. The hospital will establish a new standard of proactive and predictive medicine.

Incorporating Green Building Technology

The new hospital will incorporate the latest in green technology to minimize its environmental impact. The LEED Silver–certificated facility will maximize energy and water efficiency and utilize daylighting and displacement ventilation to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Stanford Hospital Virtual Tour
Stanford Hospital Virtual Tour

The new Stanford Hospital is designed to deliver a new standard of healthcare built around the unique physical and emotional needs of each patient. The new facility will include a three-story central atrium, private patient rooms, and expansive rooftop gardens.