Open Computing

Open Computing
Complete, Open, and Integrated

Open standards enable innovation, facilitate fair competition, and allow for interoperability with legacy and third-party systems. For decades, Oracle products have reflected an open standards philosophy.

108 standards-setting organizations
238 leadership positions
371 technical working groups
61 administrative/policy committees

Open Source in the Cloud

As Oracle’s cloud business grows, we are cognizant of the constraints and challenges that many of our customers experience in transitioning to the cloud. For this reason, Oracle has built something connected and powerful—a complete, open, and secure platform that provides choice and access to innovation for all. Oracle supports all workloads, all developers, and all data types, and offers choices in deployment—public, private, and hybrid cloud. We connect all applications and business practices. Most importantly, we go beyond just migration to the cloud, and help customers architect, run, manage, and support their environments.

Our cloud spans applications, platform, and infrastructure cloud services—SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS—in addition to supporting other applications, including database as a service (DBaaS). Our cloud is portable, allowing our customers to transport applications from the cloud to on-premises instances, which reduces inefficiencies and yields cost and energy savings.

For more information, visit the Oracle and Open Source website.

Java Stewardship

Driving Active Community Involvement

Driving Active Community Involvement

Under Oracle’s stewardship, Java has evolved into one of the most important and dependable technologies in our industry. We promote open and inclusive participation in the platform development through the Java Community Process. And we actively engage with Java technologists and community leaders around the globe through Java User Groups and the Java Champions Project.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Java Developers

Oracle is supporting future generations of Java developers and users. In addition to providing free Java training and resources to students and educators through the Oracle Academy, we recently launched the Go.Java website that provides inspirational examples of Java in action. In 2015, Oracle launched the JavaOne4Kids conference geared toward students aged 10 to 18, held in conjunction with the JavaOne conference.

Java Doing Good

Individuals and organizations around the world use Java to create innovative solutions to pressing problems. Oracle’s annual Duke’s Choice Award recognizes the top innovations—whether it’s a mobile app that facilitates the delivery of clean water to rural families in remote East Africa or an audio guide that enables the visually impaired to navigate inside buildings.

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