Boost sales with personalized, omnichannel ecommerce

Enrich your customers’ digital shopping experience with a unified ecommerce solution that leverages data from your CRM and back-office systems. Oracle B2C Commerce drives conversions and loyalty whenever and wherever your shoppers want to engage with your brand.

Focus on ecommerce to provide a relevant, connected customer experience.

The benefits of Oracle B2C Commerce

01Increase IT agility

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools enable you to curate and personalize your shopper’s omnichannel ecommerce experience.

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02Lower total cost of ownership

Use interactive dashboards and data visualizations—that take real-time insights from every customer engagement—for greater visibility into your shoppers’ wants and needs.

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03Convert more shoppers

Connect every aspect of ecommerce to deliver personalized experiences that engage customers across all buying cycles at the right moment, on the right channel.

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04Unify channel strategies

Connect shopper and company data with a seamless dataflow between your contact center, marketplace, and in-store POS applications.

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Carmen Steffens logo

Carmen Steffens takes their runway to the Oracle Cloud

High-fashion brand, Carmen Steffens, adopts Oracle B2C Commerce to make its online shopping experience faster, easier, and more stable.

Oracle B2C Commerce features

Create engaging shopper experiences, improve online conversion rates, and increase in-store traffic using a modern retail ecommerce solution with the power of data.

Intelligent personalization and merchandising

Create unique experiences that increase customer satisfaction with a library of predefined omnichannel journeys, including sales, returns, service, and preorder.

Unified ecommerce and content management

Empower business users with intuitive, cloud-based ecommerce tools that enable them to manage content, search/SEO, products, SKUs, pricing/promotions, inventory/catalog, personalization, and more from a single interface.

Multisite, multibusiness model

Reduce costs, tools, custom integrations, and the number of vendors with a fully integrated application that helps you expand globally to new channels, brands, and business models.

Catalog and inventory management

Take full control over product, pricing, and inventory with an intuitive UI that simplifies SKU management, associated media, custom properties, and search.

Advanced ecosystem integrations

Deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience by connecting and integrating all your omnichannel retail data and business models—including BOPIS, click-and-collect models, and subscription pricing.

Cloud ecommerce architecture

Eliminate the cost of compliance, security, performance, and hardware with cloud-based commerce. Gain the flexibility of API-first commerce, guided search, personalization, AI-driven recommendations, and other cloud architecture benefits.

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