Why Oracle Commerce vs. Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Top five reasons to choose Oracle Commerce over Adobe and Magento Commerce


Cloud ecommerce solution that’s truly SaaS, not just cloud-hosted

Reduce the likelihood of security vulnerabilities and benefit from Oracle’s true SaaS ecommerce solution that delivers frequent, automatic updates and maintenance as well as security enhancements, autoscaling capabilities, and a viable path to composable or headless commerce models.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is cloud-hosted, rather than true SaaS. Updates must be manually applied, which increases your vulnerability to security threats. Magento is the core commerce engine within Adobe Commerce Cloud. It is not cloud native and lacks autoscaling capabilities that help to optimize performance as site traffic fluctuates1.


Faster implementations at a lower cost

Start selling online faster and reduce your reliance on costly, third-party integrations with a robust native functionality. Oracle has more critical capabilities that our customers have come to expect from their ecommerce solution.

Alternatively, Adobe relies on integration partners for core application support, which can significantly increase costs while slowing down your implementation. These crucial integrations require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and, as a result, can prove difficult to scale as the number of connections that must be managed increases.


Experiences and personalization powered by unified data

Provide your customers with meaningful experiences across all your digital channels and other points of interaction. Oracle unifies data across CRM and back-office systems for a consistent view of financial, inventory, supply chain, and customer data. Our capabilities allow you to enrich personalization and self-service functionality in real time across channels. Adobe may provide rich analytics capabilities, but the incomplete integration with Magento limits bidirectional data flow, impacting the system’s ability to use that data to personalize ecommerce experiences.


Ecommerce built to handle any level of complexity

Most ecommerce solutions can’t handle the necessary requirements that B2B companies need. Configurable products and complex transactions can’t be barriers to successfully selling your goods on digital channels. Only Oracle offers a complete suite of solutions including ecommerce, configure, price, quote (CPQ), subscription management, and content management, Oracle provides all the tools you need to thrive on digital channels, regardless of your sales model, order volumes, SKU counts, or configurability requirements. Adobe’s core applications provide limited B2B ecommerce capabilities, relying on customizations and partners to complete their commerce solutions, making them more complex, more difficult to upgrade, and expensive.


Continuous innovation of core ecommerce capabilities

Customer demands and expectations change constantly. With Oracle, you can stay on top of the newest ecommerce trends and innovations. Oracle regularly releases updates and enhancements throughout the year to help you achieve ecommerce excellence today and in the future.

Adobe hasn’t invested in a major upgrade of the core Magento Commerce platform2, instead focusing on the integration with Adobe Experience Manager with Magento. While this integration is necessary to leverage both Magento Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager, it continues to force customers to rely on third-party vendors and costly customizations to achieve the innovation necessary to compete in today’s market.

Many of our customers choose Oracle because of our features such as Design Studio, which allows you to quickly create, update, and preview complete pages, without the need for IT. Visual changes made in Magento are made in fragments, rather than overall layouts, and often require developer support.

Score your organization’s approach to ecommerce.

Adaptable, data-driven ecommerce built to scale

Harness intelligence across a lifetime of interactions to provide the right value to each customer, every time. With the right solution, you can enable highly complex, increasingly dynamic transactions online. Unfortunately, most ecommerce platforms weren’t built with these types of self-service capabilities.

Oracle Commerce is the only cloud ecommerce platform that enables any business model from a single solution and seamlessly integrates with the back-office to interpret buyer signals and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Take advantage of robust, native functionality and use the API architecture when and how you want it, whether to integrate your favorite best-of-breed solutions or go fully headless. Bring highly configurable products and complex transaction types into digital channels to unlock more mature self-service capabilities using a prepackaged integration with Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)3. Launch new, dynamic business models that grow recurring relationships and predictable revenues with Oracle Subscription Management.

Break free from the limitations of other solutions and build the commerce experience that propels your business into the future with Oracle’s complete, flexible ecommerce platform.

Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Oracle Commerce enable more mature self-service transactions

oracle configure price and quote product tour

Simplify even the most complex configuration, bundling, and asset-based ordering with the help of intuitive, guided configuration and quoting tools. Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) enables the sale of complex and configurable goods and services efficiently and accurately across channels. We are uniquely capable of putting the most robust self-service tools into your customers’ hands, so you can grow customer satisfaction and have the peace of mind that comes with greater control of orders and accounts.

Oracle Cloud has completely taken away all of the maintenance and custom-coding requirements that were bogging us down.

Arthur Cosma, Enterprise Automation Manager, Construction Specialties

Oracle Commerce customer success stories

Customers choose Oracle Commerce to address today’s challenges head on and position themselves strategically for the opportunities of tomorrow. With a complete suite of ecommerce applications and unified data across the CRM and back-office systems, Oracle helps modernize business models, convert and retain digital customers, and grow revenues.

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Comparing Oracle Commerce and Adobe Commerce and Magento

Adobe is an attractive solution for midmarket companies that rely heavily on system integrator (SI) partnerships to orchestrate a complete solution, but Magento can’t scale efficiently for B2B enterprises4. With Oracle, you get a scalable, enterprise-grade ecommerce platform with robust native capabilities, bringing together the front- and back-office to deliver complex configuration and transactions on self-service channels. See how Oracle connects your ecommerce and customer data across marketing, sales, customer service, and customer loyalty, as well as core operational systems such as inventory, order management, and supply chain.

Business Advantages


Adobe / Magento

True SaaS in the cloud
Robust core functionality
No. Relies heavily on third-party vendors for missing functionality.
Fast implementations
No. Relies heavily on third-party vendors for missing functionality.
API first
Native AI personalization
Unified data model across applications
Commerce for any business model
Integrations with core operational systems such as ERP and SCM

3 IDC Marketscape: Worldwide B2B Digital Commerce Platforms 2020 Vendor Assessment

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Deliver a cohesive, personalized customer experience tailored to your customers and prospects throughout every commerce, marketing, and service interaction using a connected suite of B2C applications.

Create lasting customer relationships with Oracle

Oracle Sales and Commerce helps you improve sales effectiveness with better planning and forecasting capabilities, intelligent insights to guide sellers, self-service quoting and configurations, and ecommerce sites that support any revenue model.

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