Oracle Label Security

Multilevel Data Access Control

Easily categorize and mediate access to data based on its classification. Designed to meet public-sector requirements for multilevel security and mandatory access control, Oracle Label Security provides a flexible framework that both government and commercial entities worldwide can use to manage access to data on a "need to know" basis.

  • Create Label Security policy.

  • View policy authorizations.

  • Policy enforcement options.

  • Database security overview within Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Label Security

Label Security Overview

  • Virtual information partitioning for cloud, SaaS, and hosting environments
  • Provides a flexible framework to manage access to data on a “need to know” basis
  • Restricts access to those with appropriate clearance
  • Helps to protect data privacy and enforce regulatory compliance


Label Security Benefits

  • Ensure access to sensitive data is restricted to users with the appropriate clearance level
  • Enforce regulatory compliance with a policy-based administration model
  • Establish custom data classification schemes for implementing “need to know” access for applications
  • Labels can be used as factors within Oracle Database Vault command rules for multifactor authorization policies
  • Integrates with Oracle Identity Management, enabling centralized management of policy definitions
Customers Discuss Oracle Database Security
Customers Discuss Oracle Database Security

Oracle customers discuss defense-in-depth database security with data encryption, privileged user access control, data masking, and consolidated auditing and reporting.


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