New Features in Release 4

New Features in Release 4

Database Performance Monitoring Watch Demo

SQL Developer now provides a full interface for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition’s Diagnostic pack, including Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM), and Active Session History (ASH). Accessible from the DBA panel, users can also manage their snapshots, baselines, and baseline templates.

Find Database Object - Search Watch Demo

The database search is completely redesigned. The new tree layout allows for searches on multiple schema, object type, identifier types and usages. A history of your searches will be stored for later access. Search results can be viewed in a separate Editor where multiple search results can be pinned and displayed.

Command Line - Watch Demo

Command Line support has been extended to Reporting and to the Cart. You can run Reports and generate them into HTML format through the command line. The Cart  commands offer the ability to export objects and data. A set of predefined DDL generation options and data formats can be applied.


The Cart has been greatly enhanced. You can create and work on multiple carts. The deployment of objects has been extended to give you more flexibility in selecting export DDL options and data formats. Export Object configurations can be saved and applied again. Compare Cart objects to another Cart or Connection with the Database Diff. Cart objects can also be copied with the Database Copy feature. Scripts are extended to include Before and After Data Load.

Reports - Watch Demo

Creating reports has never been easier. The create new report dialog has a tree layout for ease of navigation. An Advanced Option is available to instantly create Child and Drill Down type reports. Chart based reports include more chart types and you can test reports from anywhere within the report editor. Charts can be previewed in design mode. An HTML Report can be generated for any report. Enhancements in Database Doc generation include better layout and support for multiple threads to improve performance.

UI Enhancements

The new UI changes in 4.0 enhances the overall look and feel of SQL Developer. A popular request on the Feature Exchange, a window border color can be dynamically set for a database connection. Useability improvements can be seen with with the new floating Editor and Navigation windows.

Data Modeler 4.0

This version includes the new Data Modeler release 4.0. New features include 12c support for IDENTITY columns and masking of sensitive data with Redaction policy definitions at table and column level, create Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP) policies and associate it with sensitive types. See the full list of New Features here.

12c Support

This release supports Oracle Database 12c features including, but not limited to: Multitenant Container and Pluggable database management, In Line PL/SQL Functions in SQL queries, IDENTITY columns in CREATE and ALTER Table dialogs, and Oracle Advanced Security Data Redaction policy management for tables.

Oracle Migrations

SQL Developer 3rd party database migration to Oracle Database features have been enhanced to recognize 12c database project and exploit new 12c features including IDENTITY COLUMNS, IMPLICIT CURSORS, GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE replacements for SQL Server and Sybase ASE Temp Tables. Additionally, version 4 offers a streamlined migration wizard and projects interface.

JDK 7 Support

This release now supports JDK 7. Download JDK 7 here.

Oracle Data Miner - Watch Demo

Oracle Data Mining, part of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option of Oracle Enterprise Edition, provides powerful data mining functionality to leverage data stored in an Oracle Database. New features for v4.0 include Workflow SQL Script Deployment, SQL Query Node, Graph Node and Workflow Performance Features.