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Oracle Fleet Patching & Provisioning

Oracle Fleet Patching & Provisioning

Oracle Fleet Patching & Provisioning (formerly known as Oracle Rapid Home Provisioning) presents a standard method for provisioning, patching and upgrading the Oracle Database estate in a unified manner across an entire enterprise. Oracle FPP solution standardizes and simplifies software distribution and lifecycle management.

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Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP) is a feature of Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI), hence, the components that form the FPP Server are managed automatically by GI. FPP maintains a space-efficient repository of software, more precisely ‘gold images’ – standardized software homes that can be provisioned to any number of target machines. Any number of homes can be provisioned from a given gold image, and FPP maintains lineage information so that the provenance of deployed software is always known. Gold images can be organized in to series, allowing you to create groupings that track the evolution of a release, with different series for different tailored solutions such as Database patch bundles for specific applications. A notification system informs interested parties when a new image is available in a given series.

Key Benefits

  • - Enables and enforces standardization

  • - Simplifies provisioning, patching and upgrading

  • - Minimizes the impact and risk of maintenance

  • - Increases automation and reduces touch points

  • - Supports large scale deployments

Life Cycle Management

FPP can provision databases, clusterware, middleware, and custom software. FPP offers additional features for creating, configuring, patching and upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database deployments. These capabilities simplify maintenance, reducing its risk and impact, and provide a roll-back option if changes need to be backed out. Additional capabilities include provisioning clusters and databases onto base machines, and simple capacity on demand by growing and shrinking clusters and Oracle RAC databases. All of these operations are performed with single commands which replace the numerous manual steps otherwise required. All commands and their outcomes are recorded in an audit log. All workflows allow customization to support the unique requirements of any environment.

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