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Oracle Key Vault

Oracle Key Vault enables customers to quickly deploy encryption and other security solutions by centrally managing encryption keys, Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores, and credential files. It is optimized for managing Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) master keys. The full-stack, security-hardened software appliance uses Oracle Linux and Oracle Database technology for security, availability, and scalability.

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Key Vault Features

Centrally Manage Oracle Wallets and Java Keystores

Oracle Wallets and Java Keystores are often widely distributed across servers and server clusters, with backup and distribution of these files performed manually. Oracle Key Vault itemizes and stores contents of these files in a master repository while allowing server endpoints to continue operating disconnected from Key Vault using their local copies.

Centrally Manage TDE Master Keys

For Oracle Databases using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Oracle Key Vault centrally manages TDE master keys over a direct network connection as an alternative to using local wallet files.

Centrally Backup Credential Files

Credential files containing SSH keys, Kerberos keytabs, and similar keys are also widely distributed without appropriate protective mechanisms. Oracle Key Vault backs up credential files for long-term retention and recovery.

Management and Administration

A browser-based management console makes it easy to administer Oracle Key Vault, provision server endpoints, securely manage key groups, and report on access to keys.

Software Appliance

Oracle Key Vault is packaged as an ISO image and is delivered as a pre-configured, security-hardened software appliance. The appliance is easy to install and configure and can be deployed on certified x86-64 hardware.

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