Oracle Database XE Downloads

Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) Release (18c)



(2,521,766,408 bytes - February 20, 2020)

[Sha256sum: 4df0318d72a0b97f5468b36919a23ec07533f5897b324843108e0376566d50c8]

(2,054,264,100 bytes - February 20, 2019)

[Sha256sum: 7C1A85D05F6FCC5BE70E7BA4017BEEC70C8D095E685031695B8486C40C114F1A]


Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) is a community supported edition of the Oracle Database family. Please go to the Oracle Database XE Community Support Forum for help, feedback, and enhancement requests.

Note: Oracle Support Services only provides support for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) in conjunction with a valid Oracle Database Technical Support agreement. No patches will be provided for Oracle Database Express Edition.