Oracle Essbase Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.




Use this utility to check the servername resolution prior to install of EPM products Utility for checking server name resolution prior to EPM product install
Compresses strings so that they can be stored directly in Essbase as numbers. The two formulas, to compress and decompress, are kept in an Excel Add-In. Store Text in Essbase
This tutorial leverages a completed data warehouse based on an e-commerce store, Adventure Works, that sells bicycles and bicycle accessories. For those of you familiar with data warehousing this data is easily recognizable as the data warehouse created and used for years in other analytical reporting and modeling applications. Sample application accompanying the OTN tech article, "Oracle Essbase Studio Deep-Dive"
This sample contains methods used to derive financial results. CDF - Financial Functions
This sample contains functions that facilitate the export of data out of an Essbase cube from within a calculation script. CDF - Export Functions
This sample contains a function that will allow the sending of an e-mail from within a calculation script. @JaddToAlert - E-Mail’s the data to specified target(s). CDF - Email Functions
This sample contains many functions pertaining to dates that can be used within a calculation script. CDF - Date Functions
This sample allows for the retrieval of external data into or through the Essbase cube. These functions can be embedded into an Essbase outline as a formula on a member and then queried as if the data existed in the cube. CDF - Data Functions
This sample allows for the ability to count the number of passes through the calculator during execution of a calculation script. This can prove invaluable in calc performance optimization. CDF - Counter Functions
Using Essbase Custom Defined Functions this sample shows how to log messages to a log file while running a calculation. CDF - Logging
sing Essbase Custom Defined Functions this sample allows for more complex string manipulation that is available in the Essbase calculator. CDF - String Functions