Extend Oracle CPQ Cloud with Oracle Platform as a Service

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.




Sales representatives can use the Excel to CSV Converter web service to update a CPQ Cloud quote using additional line-item information provided in an Excel file (.xlsx). Out of the box, CPQ supports this functionality only when using CSV files. With this utility a sales user can get a new quote after uploading an Excel file containing a list of options/SKUs that a customer bought. Another use case is when a sales user uploads an Excel file with new corporate rates for a set of products and would like to apply the new pricing to a quote. This sample is released under the MIT License. Excel to CSV Converter
This application allows sales users to get certain analytic information to help them make key decisions about the quote they are generating. The application is invoked from the CPQ Cloud opportunity screen, and customer information is passed to it. The application will then consume data via the CPQ Cloud REST APIs to generate information (in this case, provide the average net total across quotes for this customer) which is then displayed on the CPQ opportunity screen. Sales users may use this information to make adjustments to maximize conversion potential. Although a simple statistic is calculated, this application can be extended. This sample is released under the MIT License. Quote Statistics