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Oracle Mobile and Social Access Service Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.




Mobile and Social sample components for containing:

  • OAuth Tool: This is a tool that can be used to test OAuth REST services and Mobile & Social REST services in 11g R2 PS2 release. The tool can be used to test OAuth flows, mobile application registrations and resource server access with Access Tokens. The tool provides the capability to connect to the server and load the configuration data. The tool can then be used to test different OAuth services and Mobile and Social services. This tool can be installed as an application on a Weblogic server.
  • OAuth Samples for Apple iOS: There are two samples provided. The HelloWorld application demonstrates the registration of a mobile application with Mobile and Social server. As part of this application, user authenticates and registers the mobile application. Once the registration is complete, application receives a Client Token. The UserProfile application demonstrates the OAuth protected user profile resource server access. Once the user authenticates and registers the application, the application is issued a Client Token. Using this token, application obtains an OAuth Access Token to access user profile service protected by OAuth service.
  • HR Portal application : This is a sample web application that access OAuth protected REST APIs. The application exposes services protected OAuth service. The users authenticate and authorize the resource access to get an Access Token. Using this Access Token, the users access the resources.

Mobile and Social sample components containing:

  • Mobile Client Simulator tool that can be used to test the REST interfaces exposed by the Mobile and Social server components on the Access Management server. The tool can be used for learning the interfaces, testing an installation configuration, and troubleshooting problems. This tool can be installed as an application on a Weblogic server.
  • Mobile Single Sign-on sample code that demonstrates the Mobile and Social Single Sign-on and Device Registration features for Apple iOS devices
  • "Geektech" sample business application that demonstrates the Mobile and Social Application Registration, Authentication, Access and User Profile services for Apple iOS devices
  • "My Health Care" sample web portal that demonstrates the Mobile and Social features for logging in with Social Identities such as Facebook or Google, and shows how to provide different levels of access between a Social Logon and a Local Logon.
  • Java Samples that demonstrate Java Client SDK usage, adding a custom Token Service Provider to Mobile Services, and adding an Identity Provider to Internet Identity Services.
  • Mobile and Social SDK includes libraries for Apple iOS and for JAVA. The SDK is supported as part of the full access suite, and being made available as a separate download on OTN, to increase adoption and ease the download burden on developers who may not be responsible for installing and configuring Access Management server components. The SDK can only be used to develop applications that leverage the Access Management Mobile and Social server components.