Oracle Tuxedo Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.




This server is a sample implementation of the use of FML32 buffers. Tuxedo uBike server sample

This is a simple adaption of Tuxedo simpapp sample to be run with WebLogic Server. Instead of Tuxedo native or workstation client it uses a Java client to invoke an EJB, the EJB in turn will access Tuxedo TOUPPER service through Tuxedo JCA Adapter.

It is designed to run on the same machine and execute using "ant" script where applicable. The Java client input string argument is configured through the environment variable TOUPPERSTR. The $WORKDIR is the directory where this sample is un-jar'ed.

Tuxedo JCA Adapter samples
A simple toupper program that a Java SCA client accesses the Tuxedo "TOUPPER" service. A simple "FML" based client program that will utilize Java Bean that accesses the Tuxedo "FMLSVC" service. The Tuxedo Application Domain has SECURITY set to "USER_AUTH". The "" also show how to do a call back to retrieve user information. Oracle SALT JATMI binding samples
This is a servlet sample for IBM WebSphere. Tuxedo JCA Adapter 11gR1 WebSphere sample
The examples in this package show how to use the WebLogic Tuxedo Connector to inter-operate between WebLogic Server and Tuxedo. WebLogic Server 9.0 Code Examples
bankapp is a sample ATMI banking application that is provided with the Oracle Tuxedo software. The application performs the following banking functions: opens and closes accounts, retrieves account balances, deposits or withdraws money from an account, and transfers monies from one account to another. Tuxedo bankapp ATMI sample application updated for Oracle Database and Pro*C