Oracle SuperCluster

Oracle SuperCluster
Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Database and Application Consolidation

Secure. Powerful. Extremely Cost Effective.

Secure cloud infrastructure with the industry’s most advanced security, extreme performance, and a complete suite of efficiency enhancements, tools, and automation that work together to dramatically lower cost and complexity.

Oracle SuperCluster M7

Oracle SuperCluster M7

Oracle SuperCluster M7 combines revolutionary Oracle Database efficiency and performance with near-zero-overhead secure multitenancy and private-cloud management tools to create a complete secure, cloud infrastructure for database and applications. Elastic configurations allow you to start with a small system and easily scale your cloud as demand grows over time. The Oracle M7 high-performance processor architecture delivers better enterprise Java application and Oracle Database performance per-core than any comparable x86 systems. Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris near-zero-overhead virtualization work in tandem with an ultra-fast InfiniBand fabric to allow for maximum performance and scalability with no wasted space, power, compute, memory, human, or software resources.

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

Oracle SuperCluster M6-32

Oracle SuperCluster is Oracle’s most powerful Oracle Database and applications consolidation platform. It is also ideal for in-memory processing and the largest and most complex workloads, and provides the highest consolidation ratios, availability, and serviceability. Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 scales up to 32 TB of memory and up to 32 SPARC M6 processors, and comes with Oracle Exadata Storage Servers optimized for Oracle Database performance and compression.

In the Spotlight

Dimension Data Provides Cost-effective Solutions with Oracle


Dimension Data Provides Cost-effective Solutions with Oracle

Ian Lewin, Head of Engineered Solutions for Dimension Data, discusses how their Private Cloud deployment of Oracle SuperCluster helps keep its number one priority; keeping prices low for customers.

Article about Oracle SuperCluster and the US Army


US Army Brings Logistics into the Cloud

US ARMY uses Oracle SuperCluster to bring the PBUSE Logistics Information System into the Cloud.

SuperCluster 3D Demo

3D Demo

Oracle SuperCluster M7 3D Demo

Oracle SuperCluster M7 delivers extreme performance, exceptional reliability, and zero-overhead virtualization.

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