Oracle SuperCluster M8

A True Mission-Critical Cloud

Set higher standards for your mission-critical workloads. Oracle SuperCluster delivers an end-to-end solution for applications and databases that provides unbeatable security, availability, and scalability.

Oracle SuperCluster combines the power of Oracle Exadata storage cells with an integrated application tier to maximize the performance of Oracle Database and all applications that run on it. It’s a secure, enterprise cloud infrastructure with impressive scalability that’s ideal for massive server consolidation and TCO savings.


  • Secure cloud infrastructure

    Oracle SuperCluster M8

    Up to 512 CPU cores

    and 16 TB of memory per rack for database and application processing

    Up to 11 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers per rack

    Integrated Oracle ZFS application storage including 160 TB of storage capacity

    40 Gb/sec (QDR) InfiniBand Network

    Built-in, near-zero-overhead virtualization using Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones

    Support for Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10

    • Powered by the world’s fastest microprocessor
    • Oracle ZS5 Storage with 2.5x more compute capacity and 3x more memory
    • Purpose-built for Oracle Database and all applications that run on it
    • A practical combination of SPARC security and Oracle Exadata performance
    • High-availability configuration eliminates unplanned downtime
    • Massive consolidation ratio reduces data center footprint
    • Dramatically increase speed, performance, and security of your most demanding workloads
    • Faster response times mean increase employee output
    • Enable data-driven decision-making with real-time analytics
    • Cloud-ready infrastructure helps you plan for the future
  • Key Features

    Up to 4 x 32-core SPARC M8 processors (4.1 GHz)

    Up to 64 x 64 GB of memory

    Up to 4 x dual-port QDR InfiniBand adapters

    Up to 4 x quad-port 10 GbE HCA with pluggable transceivers (2 port) and optical cables

    Up to 4 x GbE adapters

    Preconfigured, pretested system optimized for all database software and applications

    World’s Fastest Microprocessor

    Oracle’s SPARC M8 maximizes performance for general-purpose computing and integrates additional performance enhancements for cryptographic acceleration and Oracle Database 12c directly into the processor design. In-line decompression allows Oracle Database 12c to store databases many times larger than the physical memory, while in-memory query acceleration drives simultaneous real-time analytics and transaction processing performance up to 9x better than x86 or IBM Power systems.

    Silicon Secured Memory

    Protects data in memory from unauthorized access. Cryptographic acceleration provides near-zero-overhead end-to-end data encryption with no performance compromise.

    Read-Only Virtual Machines

    Ensure that application administrators and compromised applications are unable to accidently alter the configuration of virtual machines in ways that would expose systems to attack. End-to-end audit trails provide a holistic view of the activity within your infrastructure.

    Engineered for Oracle Database

    Part of an entire line of coengineered technologies, Oracle SuperCluster is optimized to maximize Oracle Database and application performance compared to generic, general-purpose systems.

    Integrated Oracle Exadata Storage Server

    Leverage Oracle Exadata’s smart scan technology, smart flash cache, and hybrid columnar compression in one integrated system. Co-engineered with Oracle Database to deliver the optimal balance of scalability, transaction processing, and batch performance for all Oracle Database workloads.

    Oracle’s InfiniBand Fabric

    This low-latency, high throughput I/O fabric ties all of Oracle SuperCluster’s system components together, making it possible to horizontally scale the entire system.


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