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Release Notes

Enterprise Manager VT 13.2.3 release adds support for the latest Private Cloud Appliance 2.3.1 release. VT Plug-in provides all infrastructure enhancements provided by Oracle VM 3.4.2 through Enterprise Manager such as exporting VM to Virtual Appliance, ability to modify memory while VMs are still running with hot memory modification and full support for expansion racks 73,729,617 bytes, cksum 3972751048
PaaS Cloud Service Monitoring plugin for Oracle Cloud Machine, Hybrid Cloud and Oracle Public Cloud. 12,090,438 bytes, cksum 643700848
Support for monitoring of the new Oracle Public Cloud Machine 1,096,448,015 bytes, cksum 3911657912
    Add support for Engagement Cloud Service.
  • New target type for Oracle knowledge, including home page, performance page and metric implementation
  • New metrics for the Knowledge Management product
  • Support for Super Mass Consolidation of Fusion Application environments
429,221,812 bytes, cksum 24458117
Virtual Infrastructure(VI) plugin provides monitoring support for Oracle VM servers and Compute infrastructure on engineered systems( Exadata , Oracle Cloud Machine etc.) 29,184,315 bytes, cksum 1185459224

Enterprise Manager SI 13.2.3 release adds support for the new hardware including SPARC M8 and T8 servers, SuperCluster M8, MiniCluster S7, Oracle Server X7, ZFS storage ZS5, Cisco NXOS switch & Juniper EX switch.

This release of SI Plugin adds UI discovery support for ZFS websvc access point as well as delivers enhanced monitoring of ZFS storage appliances by providing additional metrics for storage KPIs and replication monitoring.

130,742,250 bytes, cksum 3751523805