Add-on Plug-ins Download

These plug-ins have been created by corresponding Oracle product teams & they belong to a specific category 'Add-on'. Hence, if you are monitoring any of these targets presently via EM 13c, please download the latest 13.4 compatible version from the location below & stage them before starting the Enterprise Manager 13cR4 upgrade process. Detailed usage instructions are mentioned here.


Plug-in Description

Release Notes

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database Appliance 828775221 bytes, cksum 48402362
Enterprise Manager for Audit Vault and Database Firewall 20666380 bytes, cksum 296044114
Enterprise Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite 28877465 bytes, cksum 1147237717
Enterprise Manager for TimesTen 1510181345 bytes, cksum 15021707
Enterprise Manager for Oracle GoldenGate 14,728,632 bytes, cksum 2120005925
Enterprise Manager for Oracle Unified Directory 118,795,075 bytes, cksum 2951640068
Enterprise Manager for Utilities (TUGBU) 217,335,424 bytes, cksum 210326004
Enterprise Manager for Peoplesoft 47,403,347 bytes, cksum 1138163469
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Tuxedo 29,690,303 bytes, cksum 1631762410