Add-on Plug-ins Download

These plug-ins have been created by corresponding Oracle product teams & they belong to a specific category 'Add-on'. Hence, if you are monitoring any of these targets presently via EM 13c, please download the latest 13.5 compatible version from the location below & stage them before starting the Enterprise Manager 13cR5 upgrade process. Detailed usage instructions are mentioned here.


Plug-in Description

Release Notes

Enterprise Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite 28,640,346 bytes, cksum 746886055
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for TimesTen 20,008,464 bytes, cksum 1030235823
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Peoplesoft 66,553,330 bytes, cksum 1791001839
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle GoldenGate 15,688,057 bytes, cksum 1016644091
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Oracle Database Appliance 60,456,901 bytes, cksum 3939907939
Enterprise Manager for Oracle Unified Directory 118,795,075 bytes, cksum 2951640068
Enterprise Manager for Utilities (TUGBU) 217,335,424 bytes, cksum 210326004
Enterprise Manager Plug-in for Tuxedo 29,690,303 bytes, cksum 1631762410