Oracle Secure Backup

Data Protection to Disk, Tape, or Cloud Storage

Oracle Secure Backup consists of two offerings, both of which are integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). Oracle Secure Backup offers centralized backup management, high performance and heterogeneous data protection in distributed UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) environments. Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module provides integrated Oracle Database backup to Amazon S3 cloud (Internet) storage.

Oracle Secure Backup
Oracle Secure Backup Overview
  • Disk and/or tape backup protection for heterogeneous file systems, NAS devices and Oracle Databases; Cloud backup for Oracle Databases
  • Centralized management via a single console across the spectrum of servers and NAS devices
  • Automated tape retention, duplication and vaulting (rotation of tapes between locations)
  • Secure backup data via encryption on disk or tape (protecting tapes that are onsite, offsite or lost)
  • Tight integration with Oracle products including Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle Enterprise Manager



  • Low cost enterprise data protection
  • Policy-based backup management for fine grained control
  • Backup encryption and key management
  • Optimized disk backup to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Fastest Oracle Database backups to tape
  • Highly scalable deployment

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