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Celebrate Your HR Superstars

The Oracle HCM Cloud Rubies Awards recognizes HR trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the business using Oracle HCM Cloud.

This global, peer-driven awards program is open to any organization using an Oracle HCM Cloud solution. HR professionals who use Oracle HCM Cloud can nominate fellow customers, colleagues—or even themselves. The awards celebrate HR talent advocates for their innovation and vision to see the potential of Tomorrow’s Human Resources, Today.



M&A Matrimony

Mergers and acquisitions can play havoc on your ability to keep top talent. This award recognizes businesses that have used Oracle HCM Cloud during a major merger or acquisition. Tell us how Oracle HCM Cloud helped you do the following:

  • Minimize disruption to HR and other operations
  • Bring multiple workforces together using a single HCM solution
  • Improve HR experiences for everyone involved
  • Minimize talent losses and improve retention

Diamonds in the Data

With HR analytics, a new world of workforce insight opens up. We want to hear how Oracle HCM Cloud’s embedded analytics dashboards are helping you to identify new data insights that have helped your team improve talent management, retention, and workforce planning. This award recognizes an organization that is using Oracle HCM Cloud analytics to discover new data insights and use them to improve talent management.

We’re especially interested in hearing how you do the following:

  • Build customized HR reports that turn data into practical business insight
  • Reduce the risk of losing critical talent
  • Improve decision-making and compete in today’s talent market

Express Lane

Did you get your Oracle HCM Cloud deployment up and running quickly? The Express Lane Award recognizes companies that have started to reap the rewards of Oracle HCM Cloud in the shortest time possible.

We want to hear how a well-considered deployment plan and a commitment to speed helped you deliver meaningful results with Oracle HCM Cloud in weeks, not months.

Dynamic Duo or Triumphant Trio

This award recognizes teams that have experienced exceptional results by integrating two or three different Oracle Cloud solutions.

Have you integrated Oracle HCM Cloud with other Oracle Cloud solutions and achieved greater results? Let us know. This award celebrates the transformational impact and enterprise-wide value that companies gain by using Oracle HCM Cloud with one or two other Oracle Cloud solutions. This can include, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Improving budgeting and spend optimization
  • Making the most of social insight, correlating employee performance with customer sentiment using Oracle Service Cloud CRM
  • Optimizing planning, reporting, and forecasting with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud and Oracle Enterprise Resource Management Cloud

It’s a Mobile World

Can your employees do HR tasks on their smartphones or tablets? Tasks that they couldn’t do before—like applying for a job? This award recognizes a business that is leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud mobile capabilities to enable employees to access HR content and services, how and when they need them.

We’re especially interested in hearing how Oracle HCM Cloud has helped you change how people use mobile to interact with HR. This can include. but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Development of an innovative recruitment process that enabled applicants to submit information from a mobile device
  • Accelerated HR processes and increased self-service HR
  • Improved mobile HR experiences for staff and managers
  • Elimination of time-consuming or paper-based processes
  • Productivity gains from new mobile functionality such as mobile time cards, shift trading, or automated attendance tracking

Keep It In the Family

This award is for the employee retention heroes. Teams that use Oracle HCM Cloud to retain the very best talent by driving internal mobility, career development, and succession planning are eligible. Tell us how Oracle HCM Cloud has helped you hire and retain better people. We especially want to hear how you used it to:

  • Significantly increase the stick rate of new hires
  • Identify at-risk employees and take actions to retain them
  • Improve delivery of development opportunities and rewards to retain key employees
  • Increase internal mobility for all kinds of employees
  • Improve development strategies and identify areas where development may be best allocated
  • Increase employee satisfaction and turn potential talent losses into valuable, retained staff
  • Improve the number, quality, and accessibility of internal opportunities

Empowered by Design

Did you empower your employees to voice their feedback, and then use their input in your Oracle HCM Cloud implementation?.This award recognizes teams that enable employees to voice their needs and wants, and have built their Oracle HCM Cloud implementation design based on that employee feedback.

We are interested in hearing about how you enabled your employees to make the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud an employee-owned movement. Share with us how you:

  • Fostered employee engagement
  • Facilitated ease of use
  • Increased adoption rates
  • Created communication channels for employee input and feedback

Productive Powerhouse

Does streamlining processes and improving efficiency get your team excited? This award recognizes a business that used Oracle HCM Cloud to drive productivity and gain efficiency.

Tell us how you have been able to drive value by making your traditional and cumbersome processes more accelerated and agile with the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud. Derived value may include, but is not limited to:

  • Time savings
  • Moving from paper to digital processes
  • Eliminating disparate systems by moving to a single platform

Bottom-Line Bonanza

Has your implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud made a significant impact on your company’s bottom line? This award celebrates that achievement.

Tell us how your team has been able to drive increased value for your company overall by using Oracle HCM Cloud. Derived value can consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced headcount
  • Decrease in other systems used

Knowledge Is Power

This award recognizes a company that used Oracle HCM Cloud to create innovative training programs for their HR systems.

Tell us how you placed the power in your people’s hands. We want to hear about some of the effective learning tools you used to train your workforce about the system, and how your learning efforts increased adoption rates and improved user experience.

Create Tomorrow, Today with Oracle HCM Cloud

See how Oracle HCM Cloud augments human capabilities with adaptive intelligence to prepare your workforce for the future. Know enough to get work done and increase organizational productivity.