Enable Adaptive, Actionable Insight

Enables timely and actionable insight for managing interest rate and liquidity risk and provides transparency into critical issues.

Solutions Overview

  • Analyze and forecast interest rate risk from deterministic and stochastic simulation
  • Monitor liquidity gaps, funding concentrations, and marketable assets daily
  • Review FTP results and analyze the Funding Center to gain insights into your net interest margin
  • Empower business users to access granular and actionable ALM and FTP insight
  • Align bank roles around a single source of enterprise insight and adapt to changing business needs


  • Monitor historical interest rates, rate spreads, and rate forecasts
  • Measure and analyze key indicators of interest rate risk
  • Evaluate net interest margin across any dimension to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Better understand how much net interest margin is at risk to changes in interest rates
  • Accelerate deployment of your ALM and FTP reporting with reduced cost and risk