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Speed Time to Value and Increase Revenue with the Commerce Solution Built for Retail

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), innovate continuously with modern retail ecommerce architecture, and leverage the power of data to curate engaging experiences that drive online conversion rates and in-store traffic.

Simplify Your Ecommerce Operations and Invest with Intent


Create unique experiences that increase customer satisfaction with a library of predefined omnichannel journeys including sales, returns, service, and preorder


Leverage the power of data to deliver personalized content, pricing, and promotions


Improve conversion rates by 30 percent with dynamic cross-sell and upsell, relevant recommendations, and multiple navigational schemas


Unify channel strategies with seamless bidirectional data flow to your POS, contact center, and marketplace


Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with out-of-the-box essentials and intuitive business tools that support B2C and B2B multisite management, localization, price and promotions, merchandising, search, personalization, and rich asset management


Empower your business team with Experience Manager Design Studio, automated product recommendations, A/B testing, contact center agent console, digital asset management, and Akamai


Deploy Commerce Cloud as a fully integrated solution or as support for a headless architecture that takes advantage of front-end tooling and microservices


Grow your business with confidence on a modern architecture that is mobile and API-first out of the box

Test Drive Oracle Commerce Cloud.

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