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Java Card Technology

Java Card Technology

Java Card enables secure elements, such as smart cards and other tamper-resistant security chips, to host applications which employ Java technology. Java Card offers a secure and interoperable execution platform that can store and update multiple applications on a single resource-constrained device, while retaining the highest certification levels and compatibility with standards.

Announcing Java Card 3.1

Java Card Boosts Security for IoT Devices at the Edge

Press Release

Java Card Platform Specification 3.1

Version 3.1 of the Java Card Specification brings major enhancements to facilitate the development and deployment of secure applications, and introduces new functionality to support IoT Security. It is the reference for new Java Card products.

API Documentation Release Notes

Java Card Development Kit Tools

The Java Card Development Kit Tools are used to convert and verify Java Card applications. The Tools can be used with products based on version 3.1, 3.0.5 and 3.0.4 of the Java Card Specifications.

Latest Update : July 8, 2019

Release Notes

Java Card Development Kit Simulator

The Java Card Development Kit Simulator includes a simulation component and Eclipse plug-in. Combined with the Java Card Development Kit Tools, it provides a complete, stand-alone development environment. The latest Java Card Development Kit Simulator provides support for the Java Card 3.1 Specification, and can also run applications written for earlier releases.

Release Notes

Java Card Protection Profile 3.1

To meet the demand by banks, governments, and other card issues for security evaluations, the Java Card Protection Profile provides a modular set of security requirements designed specifically for the characteristics of the Java Card platform.

Java Card Open Configuration Protection Profile 3.1

Java Card Closed Configuration Protection Profile 3.1

Java Card Licensees

List of companies that are current licensees of Java Card Technology.

Authorized Java Card Technology Licensees
Java Card Webinar Series

A series on-demand Webcast dedicated to the latest developments in Java Card technology.

Latest Session
Past Sessions

Java Card Documentation

Specification, User Guides and Release Notes related to the latest Java Card release.

Specification, User Guides and Release Notes related to the Java Card 3.0.5 Classic release.

All previous Releases documentation, Datasheets, White Papers and other Technical Resources


Frequently asked questions about Java Card technology.

Learn More : Java Card 3.1

Java Card 3.1

Java Card 3.1 is the latest Release of the Java Card Platform Specification and Development Kit. New features have been added to the Java Card specification, in order to unlock security use cases in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and to facilitate the development and deployment of secure element applications :

  • New CAP file Format and Applet Deployment Mode
    • Applet functionality can be split into different Java packages
    • File sizes can exceed 64KB
  • New I/O Framework and Trusted Peripherals
    • A variety of physical layers and application protocol is supported, beyond smart card protocols (ISO 7816)
    • Logical access to device peripherals by secure element applications is facilitated
  • Core Platform Enhancements
    • In addition to the Extended CAP file format, Array Views, Static Resources and Improved API extensibility all simplify the design of applications
  • Security Services
    • Java Card 3.1 Security Services facilitate the implementation of critical security operations, in particular in the context of IoT Security
    • Certificate APIs, Key Derivation APIs, Monotonic Counter APIs, System Time APIs
  • New Cryptographic Extensions
    • Support of the latest algorithms and operations ensures interoperable state-of-the art cryptography
    • Configurable Key Pair generation Support, Named Elliptic Curves Support, Additional Elliptic Curves, Additional AES modes (CFB & XTS), Chinese Algorithms (SM2 - SM3 - SM4)

In addition, the Java Card tools have been updated to align with the latest specification

  • The Java Card Development Kit now supports the new Java Card Platform Specification, version 3.1, and is available as two independent bundles : Java Card Development Kit Tools and Java Card Development Kit Simulator
  • The Java Card Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is available to Java Card commercial licensees to verify compliance with the Java Card Platform specification version 3.1

Java Card 3.1 - Resources

A variety of resource is available to learn more about the Java Card 3.1 release

Know More

Java Card Community


  • Java Card Forum
  • The primary purpose of the Java Card Forum is to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multiple-application smart cards. To maintain, improve and develop further Java Card technology the Java Card Forum is structured to integrate business and technical expertise with the main function of assisting Oracle in the delivery of "fit for purpose" Java Card API's.

  • GlobalPlatform
  • GlobalPlatform has leveraged its technical expertise in application management into Java Card and secure chip technology training programs. These programs have been designed to improve industry knowledge of the specifications available from GlobalPlatform, it's function and capabilities, and the business benefits gained from implementing highly specified and standardized technology.