Enterprise Performance Pack Release Notes

Java SE 8u381 Enterprise Performance Pack - Bug Fixes and Updates

The following sections summarize changes made in Java SE 8u381 Enterprise Performance Pack. Bug fixes and any other changes are listed below in date order, most current update first. Note that bug fixes in the previous BPR are also included in the current update release.


Changes in Java SE 8u381-Perf b32

Bug Fixes

BugId Category Subcategory Summary
JDK-8314063 core-libs javax.naming The socket is not closed in Connection::createSocket when the handshake failed for LDAP connection
JDK-8313657 core-libs javax.naming com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection.cleanup does not close connections on SocketTimeoutErrors
JDK-8314929 (not public) hotspot jfr Fix 8286707 JFR: Don't commit JFR internal jdk.JavaMonitorWait events


Changes in Java SE 8u381-Perf b31

Bug Fixes

This BPR contains all of the fixes included in the corresponding JDK 8 BPR.

Other Notes

 ASLR Support for CDS Archive (JDK-8294323 (not public))

Starting with the July 2023 CPU, on operating systems where ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) is enabled, the CDS archive will be placed at a random address picked by the operating system.

This change may have a minor performance impact: (a) Start-up time may increase because the JVM needs to patch pointers inside the CDS archive; (b) Memory usage may increase because the memory used by the CDS archive is no longer shareable across processes. We expect the impact to be small because such increases should be only a small fraction of the overall application usage.

In the unlikely event that you must disable ASLR for CDS, you can use the JVM flags -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:ArchiveRelocationMode=0. The usage of such flags is not recommended.


Changes in Java SE 8u381-Perf

Bug Fixes

JDK 8u381 Enterprise Performance Pack includes the following fixes from JDK 17:
# BugId Component Subcomponent Summary
1JDK-8280007hotspotcompilerEnable Neoverse N1 optimizations for Arm Neoverse V1 & N2
2JDK-8299179hotspotcompilerArrayFill with store on backedge needs to reduce length by 1
3JDK-8302595hotspotcompileruse-after-free related to GraphKit::clone_map
4JDK-8299959hotspotcompilerC2: CmpU::Value must filter overflow computation against local sub computation
5JDK-8303564hotspotcompilerC2: "Bad graph detected in build_loop_late" after a CMove is wrongly split thru phi
6JDK-8303508hotspotcompilerVector.lane() gets wrong value on x86
7JDK-8299570hotspotcompiler[JVMCI] Insufficient error handling when CodeBuffer is exhausted
8JDK-8300079hotspotcompilerSIGSEGV in LibraryCallKit::inline_string_copy due to constant NULL src argument
9JDK-8299259hotspotcompilerC2: Div/Mod nodes without zero check could be split through iv phi of loop resulting in SIGFPE
10JDK-8296318hotspotcompileruse-def assert: special case undetected loops nested in infinite loops
11JDK-8296412hotspotcompilerSpecial case infinite loops with unmerged backedges in IdealLoopTree::check_safepts
12JDK-8297730hotspotcompilerC2: Arraycopy intrinsic throws incorrect exception
13JDK-8301491hotspotcompilerC2: java.lang.StringUTF16::indexOfChar intrinsic called with negative character argument
14JDK-8303588hotspotcompiler[JVMCI] make JVMCI source directories conform with standard layout
15JDK-8201516hotspotcompilerDebugNonSafepoints generates incorrect information
16JDK-8302508hotspotcompilerAdd timestamp to the output TraceCompilerThreads
17JDK-8289748hotspotcompilerC2 compiled code crashes with SIGFPE with -XX:+StressLCM and -XX:+StressGCM
18JDK-8308884hotspotcompiler[17u/11u] Backout JDK-8297951
19JDK-8303511hotspotcompilerC2: assert(get_ctrl(n) == cle_out) during unrolling
20JDK-8291456hotspotjvmticom/sun/jdi/ failed with: Wrong number of class unload events: expected 10 got 4
21JDK-8280784hotspotruntimeVM_Cleanup unnecessarily processes all thread oops
22JDK-8294677hotspotruntimechunklevel::MAX_CHUNK_WORD_SIZE too small for some applications
23JDK-8277946hotspotruntimeNMT: Remove VM.native_memory shutdown jcmd command option
24JDK-8301123hotspotruntimeEnable Symbol refcounting underflow checks in PRODUCT
25JDK-8295974hotspotruntimejni_FatalError and Xcheck:jni warnings should print the native stack when there are no Java frames
26JDK-8287007hotspotruntime[cgroups] Consistently use stringStream throughout parsing code
27JDK-8278965hotspotruntimecrash in SymbolTable::do_lookup
28JDK-8301749hotspotruntimeTracking malloc pooled memory size