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Oracle Linux DTrace

DTrace is a comprehensive, advanced tracing tool for troubleshooting systematic problems in real time.  Originally developed for Oracle Solaris and later ported to Oracle Linux, it allows administrators, integrators and developers to dynamically and safely observe live systems for performance issues in both applications and the operating system itself.  DTrace allows you to explore your system to understand how it works, track down problems across many layers of software, and locate the cause of any aberrant behavior.  DTrace gives the operational insights that have long been missing in the data center, such as memory consumption, CPU time or what specific function calls are being made.

  • Designed for use on production systems to troubleshoot performance bottlenecks
  • Provides a single view of the software stack—from kernel to application— leading to rapid identification of performance bottlenecks
  • Dynamically instruments kernel and applications with any number of probe points, improving the ability to service software
  • Enables maximum resource utilization and application performance, as well as precise quantification of resource requirements
  • Fast and easy to use, even on complex systems with multiple layers of software 

Developers can learn about and experiment with DTrace on Oracle Linux by installing the appropriate dtrace-utils and dtrace-utils-devel packages found on or the Unbreakable Linux Network.

Note that DTrace requires the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) release 4 or release 5. Support and maintenance for DTrace on UEK3 has been discontinued.