Certifying your Hardware and Applications on Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux for x86 and x86-64

Oracle Linux is completely open source and fully compatible—both source and binary—with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a fact that is validated by the Edison Group and in certification with the Linux Standard Base (LSB). The Edison Group, an independent third party, includes laboratory test results in their published white paper that demonstrates this compatibility, and compliance with the LSB standard assures users that the cost of moving applications from Red Hat to the Oracle Linux distribution is minimal.

Scores of leading technology partners—independent software vendors, hardware vendors, and system integrators—certify their products with Oracle Linux and their solutions work out-of-the-box with Oracle Linux because it's fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

With minimal install testing, ISVs can quickly and easily certify their applications with Oracle Linux. ISVs testing and certifying their applications on Oracle Linux will, at most, simply install their application on Oracle Linux and verify the information described in these articles:

Partners Support Oracle Linux

Explore Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to learn more about the benefits that an OPN membership bring to your organization, such as:

  • Accelerating Market Opportunity—be among the leading partners to participate in Oracle's significant outreach to Linux users
  • Reducing Complexity and Lowering Cost—of deployment and support with Oracle Linux
  • Flexibility—choose the level of support appropriate for your customer deployments

To become an Oracle partner or to learn more about the program, visit Learn About Oracle PartnerNetwork.

For more information assistance in certifying your hardware and software solutions with Oracle Linux, or for more information about the benefits of becoming a partner contact the Oracle Linux Partner Team at ol-ovm-info_ww@oracle.com.

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