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Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program

Updated June 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • What are Oracle Linux and Oracle VM validated configurations?

    The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program provides the tools necessary for hardware partners to validate server and storage configurations with an Oracle Linux or Oracle VM environment. The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program enables Oracle's hardware partners to validate and publish best practice guidelines for implementing systems with the highest level of interoperability with partner hardware.

    The details of validated configurations are documented from the hardware layer through the Oracle software layer, including software, firmware and BIOS versions, required patches, and hardware and software settings. These guidelines for best practice are freely available to customers to use.

  • What is the difference between hardware certified with Oracle products and the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program ?

    The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program works in conjunction with the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Hardware Certification Program (also known as HCL). Partners certify their hardware for support with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM through the HCL program as a prerequisite to a validated configuration. Partners certify their hardware with our operating systems, not directly with other Oracle software.

  • Does the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program Certify the Oracle Database?

    This program is not a certification of Oracle Database with the partner's hardware. Oracle certifies Oracle software like Oracle Database with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM (refer to MOS Certification), and partners certify these operating systems with their hardware.

    Oracle Database is a component of the validation environment because it is demanding on hardware resources (processor, memory, cache, storage and network) and the operating system, and well suited for this advanced level of testing. The validation program uses Oracle Database as in its toolset to certify the operating system, not Oracle Database itself, with our partners' hardware.

    Oracle does certify the Oracle Database at all levels (the hardware, operating system, and software stack) with Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle Engineered Systems are integrated hardware and software solutions from Oracle that ensure the highest level of performance, availability and simplicity for customer deployments.

  • What are the benefits of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configurations?

    Validated configurations go beyond hardware certification with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM by stress testing an integrated solution: Oracle software, running on Oracle Linux (or Oracle VM), and deployed on partner hardware.

    Customer deployments are greatly simplified when based on validated configuration guidelines because interoperability issues are identified, resolved and documented in advance. These guidelines reduce the customer's testing and discovery efforts during implementation and enable customers to deploy solutions more quickly and efficiently. Validated configurations help:

    • Achieve standardization and reliability with lower cost
    • Accelerate and simplify deployment of Oracle software on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
    • Lower cost for end-users by reducing deployment testing
    • Mitigate customer risk
  • Is there a fee to access Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configurations?

    There is no fee. The program provides free access to validated configuration deployment guides.

  • Who is Oracle partnering with to deliver these Validated Configurations?

    Any major x86-based server, storage or component partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) that fully supports and certifies their products with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM can participate in the Validated Configuration Program.

    All validated configurations are with Oracle VM or Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

    See the Partners tab on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM for a partial list of independent software and hardware partners that support Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.

  • Does Oracle recommend the hardware included in validated configurations?

    The hardware configurations documented through this program are chosen and tested by the hardware vendor. Participation in this program does not indicate any special recommendation of the hardware by Oracle.

  • Does the validated configuration provide configuration guidelines for the Oracle Database?

    No, the validated configuration does not provide any recommendations for how a database should be configured. The documented configuration validates the hardware with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM; Oracle Database is used to produce demanding system loads in order to identify and resolve issues with the operating system and hardware that customers might encounter in real-world environments.

    Oracle Database best practices documention, such as the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), is available on www.oracle.com.

  • What Linux distributions and hypervisors are included in Oracle Linux and Oracle VM validated configurations?

    Validated configurations are based either on Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel or Oracle VM.

  • How do customers get support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM validated configurations?

    A validated configuration is a collection of products with best practices for deploying the products together. Support is provided on the individual software and hardware products in the configuration, not on the configurations as a predefined bundled. It is not necessary to deploy all of the components of a configuration in order to receive support for the individual products.

    Support for Oracle products in the configuration requires the appropriate license (where necessary) and support subscription. Oracle Support engages partners through joint support processes to resolve issues involving partners' products.

  • I don't see my server and storage hardware in any configurations. How do I get my desired configuration added?

    Some validated configurations apply to multiple closely related servers and storage. If your hardware is not documented in the Server and Storage Platform Details of the validated configuration, make a request with your hardware vendor.

    To review published Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configurations visit the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM validated configurations page on OTN.

  • If system level software and drivers on a posted Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration change, is the configuration still valid?

    Yes. Customers are encouraged to use current system level software (BIOS, firmware) and hardware drivers (and associated firmware on HBAs, NICS, and other system hardware) if updates are available that are newer than those documented in the validated configuration. The components of the configuration will continue to be fully support.

  • Where can I get more information?

    For more information about the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program , partners can contact Oracle at linuxvc-info-ww_us@oracle.com.