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Oracle Business Intelligence 12c ( Downloads

Please install in this order:

1. Java Developers Kit 8 (JDK8)

2. Web Logic Server


Generic (1.6 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 04285a574f18767335da15a9d40c4cc2)

3. Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (

for Microsoft Windows x86-64-bit:


File 1 (2.8 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 09ebcb4672798b843dec9c99b6be0e6b)

for Linux x86-64-bit:


File 1 (2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: f1aa5f43db385d77529c6ddfe76e4970)
File 2 (1.4 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 19ceb0e813a4bb7a2ebfc1c2c6cf158a)

for Oracle Solaris on SPARC 64-bit


File 1 (1.7 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 633e371e3573fb5cbef540867f8909bb)
File 2 (2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: eae87aab4ad15a8ca25281f656b858d6)

for Oracle Solaris on x86 64-bit


File 1 (2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 168bdbd2ac04e9c1f4a378014f6cb5d7)
File 2 (1.6 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 43b0e24788e76a0bc8d714e1d806af3e)

for IBM AIX 64-bit


File 1 (1.9 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 5eeb336e01318bc4709359ab8c9fc225)
File 2 (1.3 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: 59702d9ce3df98af7312dcb05112f193)

for HP UX Itanium


File 1 (2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: c2d64114058d3b20ab69aa83401dac6c)
File 2 (1.5 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: b3fbdd2534a8916b96b5876e33b10d28)

Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tool (


for Microsoft Windows x86-64-bit (1.2 GB) - (MD5 Checksum: dfe3d311b07319ab4c99e984226956e8)


When upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from a previous 12c release to, you might find that the pre-upgrade readiness check fails. Apply the following patches to the WebLogic Server before you install Oracle Business Intelligence:

  1. Patch number: 27823500
  2. Patch number: 27401639
  3. Patch number: 27479453

For more detailed information, see "Installing the Product Distributions" in Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence.

Consult the documentation for complete details

  • Answers
  • BI Suite Foundation Edition
  • BI Foundation Suite for Oracle Applications
  • BI Interactive Dashboards
  • BI Mobile
  • BI Publisher
  • BI Publisher for Oracle Applications
  • BI Server Administrator
  • BI Server Enterprise Edition
  • BI Standard Edition One
  • BI Suite Extended Edition
  • BI Suite Extended Edition for Oracle Applications
  • BI Delivers
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management
  • Oracle Data Visualization

Optional Software:

  1. WebCenter Suite
  2. JDeveloper
  3. Oracle Database
  4. SOA Suite
  5. Identity Management

Also See: