Converting To Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher is a reporting solution to author, manage, and deliver all your reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. With the separation of data, layout and translation BI Publisher enables customers to maintain fewer reports with greater flexibility and reduced maintenance effort while still generating all the documents and reports needed for your organization. Through the use of tools, resources and best practices, you can convert from Oracle Reports, Actuate Reports and Crystal Reports to BI Publisher.


Refer to the following presentation to get an overview of converting Oracle Reports, Crystal and Actuate to Oracle BI Publisher. The presentation also highlights some of the benefits of converting to BI Publisher reports as shared by some of our customers.

Planning to Convert to BI Publisher:

Refer to the following documentation for planning report conversion:

Report Conversion Tools:

  • Oracle Reports
    • Oracle Reports Conversion Assistant: Helps to convert Oracle Reports RDF or XML files into BI Publisher reports and supporting files and logs. This tool will allow the user to directly upload the converted reports to BI Publisher Server. Now Convert your Oracle Reports into BI Publisher Interactive Layout.
  • Actuate :
    • Actuate Reports Conversion Assistant: Helps to convert the layout of Actuate Report into an RTF Template Layout.
    • Integration Object Creator Tool: Helps to create Siebel Integration Object to help with XML data mapping on the RTF template.
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    Finding More Help:

    • Oracle Consulting Services:
    • Using best practice methodology and a wide range of experience in both Oracle BI Publisher technology and advanced reporting solutions, Oracle Consulting is able to assist organizations implement Oracle BI Publisher including converting from other reporting tools.

    • Oracle Partners:

      Oracle Partners follow the best practices, methodologies, tools, knowledge repository for report conversion, providing you with a business solution that takes full advantage of the Oracle Platform. Some of the partners to help with report conversion (in no particular order) are: