Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Internet Directory is a LDAP v3 compliant directory with meta-directory capabilities. It is built on the industry leading Oracle database and is fully integrated into Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications. Thus, it is ideally suited for Oracle environments or enterprises with Oracle database expertise. Similar to ODSEE, OID is also proven with large deployments in carrier and enterprise environments.

Customer Case Studies

AmTrust Bank

Reduced Database and Linux Helpdesk Call by 80% with Centralized User Management

MKB Bank

Centralized Database Accounts in AD and Eliminated Helpdesk Calls on DB Passwords

Regional Statistics Office of Saxony

Consolidated information systems with directory-enabled Oracle Label Security

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Oracle Authentication Services for OS
  • Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems provides centralized authentication and account management for Unix and Linux platforms.
Further Information

Technical Whitepaper

With impressive 944,624 search operations / sec on a single SPARC T5-2 server, with 50M user entries, Oracle Internet Directory demonstrates linear server performance from 2 to 32 cores on a single SPARC T5-2 server. Learn more about the benefits of Oracle Internet Directory on SPARC T5-2 in the following whitepaper.

In the following whitepaper we are focusing on the specific performance improvements related to the entry cache of Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and OID replication. With impressive 276,000 search operations / sec per X4170M2 node, with 10M user entries, Oracle Internet Directory showcases linear server performance resulting in 1.7 million operations / sec on six X4170M2 nodes. Not to mention there’s no upper limited on performance scalability.

The meteoric rise of social media services, and the recent announcement of Facebook crossing the 500 million user mark provided a welcome opportunity to kick off a benchmark with Oracle Internet Directory 11g using the latest Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Our intention was to revisit the results of our previous two billion user benchmark, and measure how hardware and software improvements affect performance of a 500 million user directory. At the same time we wanted to prove that the powerful combination of OID and Oracle Exadata can be the infrastructure backbone to handle challenges posed by large scale user populations.

This white paper documents a benchmark conducted against Oracle Internet Directory. The benchmark objective was to evaluate the scalability of Oracle Internet Directory at very large Directory Information Tree (DIT) sizes, and determine the scalability characteristics of OID under various Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) operation workloads. The results demonstrate OID scalability at DIT size of two Billion (2,000,000,000) entries, with high sustained LDAP operation throughputs.

IT departments are under consistent pressure to reduce cost, enhance security, and improve compliance to support ever-competitive business. Centralized management of user accounts and access rights is a key part of enterprise identity management initiative that delivers on the promises. The paper outlines the various integration options of DB Enterprise with Oracle Virtual Directory.

This paper presents the available deployment options using OID and OVD together with DB Enterprise User Security (EUS), and use cases to determine when one directory is more appropriate than the other based on the customer deployment

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