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New Features in SOA Suite

New Features in SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1 includes both bug fixes as well as new features listed below. Downloads, documentation links and more information on the Oracle SOA Suite are available on the SOA Suite overview page.


New Features in Oracle SOA Suite and Managed File Transfer 12.2.1


For a complete list of platforms supported as of this release please check the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations.

New "Alta" Look and Feel or all consoles and composers

Provides a more contemporary look and makes UIs more mobile friendly.

Oracle JCA Adapter for Siebel

Oracle JCA Adapter for Siebel offers the most complete connectivity solution for Siebel. It delivers unique features to minimize the implementation effort and maximize the effectiveness of the solution.

End-to-End Native REST and JavaScript in SOA composites and Service Bus pipelines


  • New Oracle Standard Charts
  • Custom Function Support for Alerts & KPIs
  • SOA/BPM Process Analytics Dashboards v2
  • Parameter Support in Custom Functions
  • Performance Enhancements

Oracle B2B

  • New features including PGP support, endpoint cloning and FIPS compliance.
  • New T2P tools for automated cloning and promotion.
  • A number of performance and resiliency improvements including features such as endpoint throttling.

Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration

  • New features including support for PGP, performance and scale enhancements.
  • Additional messaging patterns such as sync request-reply over MLLP.
  • Custom acknowledgments for non HL7 messaging over MLLP.
  • End point cloning.
  • Several enhancements in the area of life cycle management such as start up, recovery, resubmit and retry.