Oracle Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) is a complete, enterprise-level solution for secure identity information exchange between partners. OIF reduces account management for partner identities and lowers the cost of integrations through support of industry federation standards. Oracle Identity Federation protects existing IT investments by integrating with a wide variety of data stores, user directories, authentication providers and applications.
Oracle Identity Federation 11g R2 is now a shared service of the Oracle Access Management platform, enabling seamless integration of SAML attributes and Oracle Access Manager policies. Oracle Identity Federation 11g R2 enables enterprises to quickly implement cross-domain SSO by providing an end-to-end federation solution, including Oracle OpenSSO Fedlet, a simple and lightweight deployment option for onboarding service providers.


Qualcomm Case study: Supporting User Federation using Oracle Identity Federation 11g (PDF)

This case study details Qualcomm's deployment of OIF 11g within their enterprise environment.

SUNY provides inter-organization single sign-on, securely shares identity information within distributed business environment with Oracle Identity Federation 11g (PDF)

This case study demonstrates how SUNY was able to use OIF 11g to provide inter-organization single sign-on, and securely share identity information within their distributed business environment.

OIF Sample for User Provisioning (ZIP)

The sample demonstrates how OIF can be customized to automatically create a user in a local LDAP directory when an identity referenced in a SAML assertion does not exist.

Onboarding Service Providers