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Oracle Web Tier products offer the core foundation within the Oracle Cloud Application Foundation. These products allow our customers to host static, dynamic web contents and also to front-end Oracle Fusion Middleware applications. Oracle Web Tier includes two leading web server options with reverse proxy and caching solutions to provide the fastest and most secure front-line servers to handle the most demanding http traffic.

Oracle WebLogic Server Proxy Plug-In

Oracle WeLogic Server Proxy Plug-In provides the software to proxy HTTP(s) requests within the Web Server to back-end WebLogic Server(s) or clusters. This plug-in software is available for the following popular Web Servers:

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Oracle iPlanet Web Server (formerly known as Sun Java System Web Server, Sun ONE Web Server)

Oracle HTTP Server

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is an enterprise grade Web Server software - based on open source Apache HTTP Web Server - designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Deliver HTTP Listener for Oracle WebLogic Server through built-in WebLogic Web Server Proxy Plug-In.
  • Deliver Web Server component for Fusion Middleware.
  • Serve static web content such as HTML, JavaScript, Images etc, and dynamic web content built with CGI/FastCGI based applications.
What's New in Oracle HTTP Server 12.1.3

Oracle HTTP Server 12.1.3 leverages WebLogic Management Framework to provide an administration experience consistent with the rest of the Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c products. For more information, refer to What's new in Oracle HTTP Server 12c section within the product documentation.

Oracle HTTP Server 12c includes the following management tools:

Oracle iPlanet Web Server

Oracle iPlanet Web Server, formerly known as Sun Java System Web Server or Sun ONE Web Server, delivers a secure infrastructure for hosting different web technologies and applications for enterprises. Oracle iPlanet Web Server is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Handle high throughput requirements
  • Reduce the risk of potential security exploits and vulnerabilities while maximizing uptime
  • Significantly reduce operational and deployment costs for enterprises
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What's New in Oracle iPlanet Web Server

Oracle iPlanet Web Server now supports TLS 1.2. Oracle customers can download the latest version of Oracle iPlanet Web Server from Oracle Support Web Site

Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server

Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server, formerly known as Sun Java System Web Proxy Server, Sun ONE Web Proxy Server, solves the problems of network congestion and that of slow response time, and provides control over network resources without burdening end users or network administrators.

Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Administrators can have fine grained control over the use of network resources by blocking access to specific sites by user or by document.
  • Provide efficient and transparent caching of web documents to save network resources.
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Oracle Web Cache

Oracle Web Cache is a content-aware server accelerator with reverse proxy capability for Oracle Web Tier 10g and 11g portfolio. Oracle Web Cache can improve Fusion Middleware 10g/11g web infrastructure and specifically Oracle Portal 10g Web Site performance, scalability, and availability.

Oracle Web Cache offers the following benefits:

  • Caching - Oracle Web Cache serves in-memory cached contents, determined programmatically or declaratively, to clients requesting them. Even for uncached contents, Oracle Web Cache provides efficient delivery by using on-the-fly compression, dynamically learning which MIME types are compressible, and throttling responses to slower network clients.
  • Request Filtering - Oracle Web Cache provides request filtering. With request filtering, Oracle Web Cache can detect and reject unwanted or malformed requests or can validate legal requests without ever reaching the application
  • Built-in clustering, load balancing, and failover features enhances application's availability.
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