Tracking COVID-19: APEX and the cloud

2020 was the year of low code and COVID-19.

By Javed Mohammed | December 2020

Podcast: APEX and the cloud

Clockwise from top left: Joel Kallman, Javed Mohammed, Scott Spendolini, and Shakeeb Rahman

Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast has often covered low code platforms and strategies, even taking a deep dive into Oracle Applications Express (APEX) earlier this year. But our final podcast of 2020 is more than just a conversation about low code; it’s about how technology played a role in changing the course of the pandemic.

In this episode, a panel of Oracle experts shares how a nationally visible program—Oracle COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System—was designed and built in real time to respond to the emerging pandemic. We go behind the scenes to hear the developers tell the story.

The Therapeutic Learning System records the effectiveness of COVID-19 drugs. Throughout the podcast, the Oracle team talks about the lessons they learned during this high-pressure, quick turnaround development project. Joel Kallman, senior director, software development is a champion of instant gratification development which he calls, “A great way for developers to engage with users in real time. Says Kallman, “Not only do you get the end result quicker, but the end user/business user feels like they are a part of the solution.”

Scott Spendolini, director, software development describes the unique process of capturing requirements for real-time development. “What requirements?” he says. “We’re kind of building this as we go.” And Shakeeb Rahman, design lead for Oracle APEX says that experience is the way to keep your cool in an intense development environment. “The way you do it is by doing this every day,” says Rahman. “We build applications every day.”


“What requirements? We’re kind of building this as we go.”

Scott Spendolini, Director, Software Development, Oracle

On the Mic

Joel Kallman

Joel R. Kallman

Senior Director, Software Development, Oracle
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Scott Spendolini

Scott Spendolini

Director, Software Development, Oracle
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Shakeeb Rahman

Shakeeb Rahman

Design lead, Oracle APEX
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Javed Mohammed

Javed Mohammed

Javed Mohammed is the producer and cohost of the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @OracleSysDev.