Oracle COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Oracle COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System (TLS)?
Oracle TLS is a system that collects real world data about COVID-19 patients and their prescribed treatments. The system allows healthcare providers and agencies a fast way to study COVID-19 patient outcomes in aggregate.

2. What is the intended benefit of the system?
By aggregating vast amounts of patient and therapy data, the system will help researchers quickly discover which drugs are most effective against COVID-19, the optimal dosages, and how early in the disease progression the drugs need to be administered.

3. Who can use the system?
The system is available to healthcare practitioners or their designees and their COVID-19 patients within the United States. COVID-19 patients must be signed up by their healthcare practitioner.

4. What special equipment do I need to access the system?
The system can easily be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. There is no software installation required. Simply visit to get started.

5. How often do I need to provide updates to the system?
Healthcare practitioners will be prompted to provide daily status measures between the dates of first contact and final contact. Self-reporting patients will also be asked to provide daily updates until they are recovered.

6. How much does it cost to use the system?
The system is available free of charge to both healthcare practitioners and patients.

7. Who can see the data entered into the system?
Healthcare practitioners can see the data entered for all patients under their direct care. The U.S. Government can access aggregated data involving patient outcomes by therapy and geography. Patients can only enter data; they can’t access data entered into the system.

8. Is the system HIPAA compliant?
Yes. The health information requested on this platform is deemed the minimum that is necessary for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to accomplish essential public health goals. According to HHS, entry of patient information into this system is fully compliant with HIPAA. Learn more at

9. I’m unable to sign up for the system using my email account. What should I do?
Specific email domains are required to authenticate users’ email addresses. If you’re having problems signing up, contact the support team at 1-800-323-7355.

10. What is your global strategy for the system?
We’re currently developing our global strategy for the COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System. At this time, the system deployment is focused within the United States.

11. What is the Oracle Patient Monitoring System and how is it related to the Oracle Therapeutic Learning System (TLS)?
In addition to gathering data from COVID-19 clinical treatments with the Oracle TLS, Oracle has built a patient monitoring system that allows healthcare systems to gather data from their subscribers/members around symptom tracking, contact tracing and laboratory test results. By asking members to report symptoms even before they become sick, healthcare administrators can identify early warning signs of potential COVID-19 flareups. The system also aggregates high volumes of testing data to help policymakers make more informed decisions around the safest time to reopen communities and where to enforce contact tracing.

If a participating healthcare system member does become sick, their practitioner will sign the patient up to record their therapy data in the Oracle TLS and the patient’s data will transfer from the Patient Monitoring System to the Therapeutic Learning System.

The Patient Monitoring System was built in cooperation with Wake Forest Baptist Health and Javara Research both in North Carolina (USA) and is now being rolled out to healthcare systems across country.

12. What is the CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry and how is it related to the Oracle Therapeutic Learning System (TLS)?
CoVPN is the newest module under the TLS umbrella. While the original TLS, and following Patient Monitoring System, focused on tracking patient symptoms and response to treatments, CoVPN will focus on the vaccine testing stage in the fight against COVID-19. Extending our collaboration with the HHS and NIH, Oracle built and donated a customized data collection platform to support the creation of a screening registry to identify potential vaccine trial participants.