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Four Developers Whose Careers Were Changed by Oracle APEX

When developers deliver value, they find opportunity.

If you want to understand why there is a vibrant, global developer community around Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), look at the life stories of some of the community’s members. They include stories such as factory manager turned consultant or horse massage therapist turned app entrepreneur. These developers’ careers have been transformed by the value they can deliver to their organizations or clients using Oracle APEX, a low-code development tool that comes free with Oracle Database. Oracle APEX gives these developers native access to all the capabilities of Oracle Database so they can quickly build web apps that make use of data.

As you’ll see, that is a powerful combination—empowering people to build everything from quick-hit data visualization apps to full-blown supply chain logistics applications. With Oracle APEX, which is available in the Always Free version of Oracle Autonomous Database, more experimentation will surely follow. Here are four developers whose stories provide a view into the global APEX community:

Anton Kwang

From Idea to Side Gig
to Full-Time Job

Anton Kwang is a chemist by trade, but he saw a need in emerging economies such as his home country of Guyana to replace paper-based business processes with software. He started a tech services company as a side business. After embracing Oracle APEX, he and his partner were able to make that company their full-time jobs.

Gemma Wood

Developer to Horse Massage Therapist to Entrepreneur

Gemma Wood left her lucrative career as a Silicon Valley software developer to focus on her true love: horses. But it was hard to make ends meet as a horse massage therapist. So she used Oracle APEX to create an app to run her business, which is now used by animal therapists, veterinarians, and other professionals. And that app has become her full-time business.

Alexis Galdamez

A Dream Job Thanks to SQL, YouTube, and Oracle APEX

By the time Alexis Galdamez hit sixth grade, he knew he wanted to be a software developer. He began reading, experimenting, and sharing what he learned—habits that helped propel him on a four-year trek from college student in El Salvador to Oracle APEX developer in Leeds, England.

Vladimir Goncharov

Another “Rebirth” in a Roller-Coaster App Dev Career

As a developer who’s visually impaired, Russian-born Vladimir Goncharov found a career rebirth using Oracle APEX. Oracle APEX let him combine his database and development skills, and it worked well with his favorite screen-reader tools. Now living in Florida, he calls his roller-coaster app dev career “an interesting life.”

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Photography: Anton Kwang/Fidal Bassier; Gemma Wood/João Santos, Getty Images for Oracle; Alexis Galdamez/Richard Cannon, Getty Images for Oracle; Vladimir Goncharov/Douglas Scaletta, Getty Images for Oracle

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