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Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) delivers the most complete Cloud EPM suite. Unlike other niche or incomplete offerings, Oracle Cloud EPM provides prebuilt solutions for connected enterprise planning across finance, operations, and lines of business, including HR, supply chain, IT, and sales, while delivering the breadth and depth of capabilities for all other EPM business processes, including financial consolidation and close, account reconciliation, tax reporting, enterprise data management, and reporting. Oracle Cloud EPM also helps you manage your environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM versus Anaplan

Oracle delivers a complete cloud EPM suite while offerings from other vendors are primarily focused on planning use cases. For additional EPM processes, they typically provide templates that require extensive coding and additional customization costs. In contrast, Oracle delivers purpose-built EPM solutions that deliver business value sooner with little need for custom coding.

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Oracle Cloud EPM customers see results with connected planning


Increased adoption of scenario modeling


Reduced number of days to plan per cycle

Reasons to choose Oracle over Anaplan

Breadth and depth

Oracle Cloud EPM addresses virtually all your EPM requirements so that you can spend time strategizing—not developing applications. The range of Oracle Cloud EPM is complemented by depth of functionality, with built-in best practices and predictive intelligence across all processes.
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Flexible deployment

Implement any EPM process that fits your strategy and priorities. Our innovative, modular framework of purpose-built planning applications are easy to deploy. No need to struggle with templates that require additional coding. Realize faster, cost-effective application availability and greater business benefits sooner.
Why choose Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM over the competition?

Next generation cloud EPM suite

Oracle Cloud EPM incorporates innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and enterprise collaboration, to enable finance teams, sales organizations, and other lines of business to integrate real-time data into planning and decision-making.
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Advanced forecasting capabilities

Connect your EPM solution to critical CRM data with Oracle Sales Planning to achieve your goals and capture performance across your business. Expand and improve your planning, forecasting, and revenue generation with the most complete and unified application suite on the market.
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Analysts consistently rate Oracle a performance management leader

Business conditions are changing faster than many companies can keep up with. When it comes to planning and forecasting, having limited capabilities can mean users spend more time setting up workflows and forms instead of doing the quick-response, data-driven planning that supports your business strategy. You need a leader in cloud EPM to help you modernize mission-critical functions and have your back when you need it the most.

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Customers are choosing Oracle for our purpose-built, best-in-class cloud EPM applications instead of a narrowly focused EPM development platform. Oracle Cloud EPM is fully connected, with AI-embedded capabilities, and built for flexibility with business users, not application coders, in mind.

Why settle for buying products from different vendors to fill incomplete EPM application gaps in order to get all the functionality you need? Or waiting for a costly, time-consuming, customized development effort? Take the next step and contact us to explore the vast benefits thousands of Oracle Cloud EPM customers are experiencing today.

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