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Secure Your Business
  • Today, increasing risks and cyber threats make IT security a high priority. Oracle’s SPARC Servers provide end-to-end security with always-on memory intrusion protection and comprehensive data encryption. Security in silicon features, along with the Oracle Solaris operating system, help protect data from unauthorized access and stop malware before it gets in. Learn more about new SPARC Servers
Leading Performance
  • Oracle Servers consistently deliver the highest levels of performance running a wide range of enterprise applications. They are specially engineered to provide record performance with Oracle applications, including Oracle Database and enterprise Java. Video: SPARC T5-8 Interconnect Architecture (2:00)
Oracle Servers - High Performance
Highest Reliability
  • In today’s always on, connected world, unplanned interruptions are not an option. Oracle Servers provide built-in hardware and software redundancy to maximize system uptime and provide continuous service. Oracle’s SPARC Servers assure business continuity by delivering the reliability and data integrity required for critical, long-term enterprise deployments. White paper: SPARC Server Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (PDF)
Oracle Servers - High Availability
Siemens Eyes Dramatic Speed Up of SPARC M7 Servers background image
Siemens Sees Dramatic Increase in SPARC M7 Performance

To date, we have been executing 8,000 concurrent user benchmarks on the M7 in logical domains and are finding significant performance improvements, something that I haven't seen in the 10 or 12 years that I have been doing this. That's a really dramatic improvement for a single generation of platform, from T5 to M7, very impressive.

—Bill Halpin, Manager, Enterprise Test Operations, Siemens
Netra Modular System: Oracle’s Breakthrough Architecture
Netra Modular System: Oracle’s Breakthrough Architecture

Oracle’s Netra Modular System is a transformative platform that will modernize the data center. The innovative integrated system merges traditional bladed and rackmount architectures to create a new best-of-breed next-generation platform. (3:10)

Oracle and Intel collaborate
The Oracle and Intel Collaboration

See how Oracle and Intel are working together to develop new technologies, including Oracle Database In-Memory, Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-8, and Oracle's new four- and eight-socket Sun x86 servers. (23:56)

In the Spotlight

White paper

White Paper

Oracle's SPARC M7 Processor-Based Server Architecture
Industry’s Most Secure Servers

SPARC T7 and M7 Servers with the world’s fastest microprocessor provide the industry’s most advanced security, with deep integration from applications to chip.

Netra Modular System


Netra Modular System
Oracle’s Breakthrough Architecture

The new, preintegrated Netra Modular System merges bladed and rackmount architectures for accelerated deployment and maximum scalability.

Oracle Systems, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Database

White Paper

Oracle's x86 Systems, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Database
Engineered to Work Together

The combination of Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, and Oracle's x86 systems has been designed and tested to deliver maximum performance and reliability in enterprise IT environments.

SPARC Servers

Designed for Security
Oracle SPARC Servers offer High Performance, High Availability, High Value

SPARC Servers can transform your business with advanced security, breakthrough integration, and extreme performance. Engineered to meet cyber threats head on, SPARC systems offer wire-speed data encryption and Silicon Secured Memory to secure your data. In addition, SPARC Servers deliver extreme Oracle Database and Java acceleration for enterprise applications and cloud services.

Oracle x86 Systems

The Best x86 Servers for Oracle Software.
Oracle x86 Systems - Leading Performance

Oracle's Sun x86 servers are the best platform for running Oracle software where x86 architectures are required. Only Oracle provides customers with an optimized hardware and software stack that comes complete with choice of OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools. Oracle's optimized hardware and software has enabled a 10x performance gain in its engineered systems and delivered world-record benchmarks results.

Netra Systems

Best-in-Class Reliability and Agility
Oracle's Netra Servers - High Reliability and Availability

Oracle’s Netra systems provide extraordinary uptime as a core requirement, and offer capabilities that enable customers to accelerate time to new services, lower business risks, and improve business agility. Netra servers are the benchmark for mission-critical deployments and provide highly reliable and continuous service delivery in communications, public sector, and embedded OEM markets that require extended product availability beyond that of most commercial servers.

Fujitsu M10 Servers

Mainframe-Class RAS, Maximum Scalability
Oracle's Fujitsu M10 Servers Modular Architecture for Scalability

Fujitsu M10 servers deliver high-performance and mission-critical RAS using a flexible, modular architecture of four-processor building blocks that scale incrementally up to 64 processors allowing enterprises to start with only what's needed today and expand as their needs grow.

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