Netra Servers

Netra Servers
Extreme Performance and Reliability
for NFVI and Cloud Infrastructures

Best in class reliability and agility

Oracle’s Netra systems provide extraordinary uptime as a core requirement, and offer capabilities that enable customers to accelerate time to new services, lower business risks, and improve business agility. Netra servers are a benchmark for deployments requiring extended product availability beyond that of most commercial servers, with highly reliable and continuous service delivery.

Netra Rackmount Servers

Netra Rackmount Servers

Netra rackmount systems deliver high performance, maximum scalability, and safe, reliable service. Oracle is the only major vendor to provide a complete, carrier-grade rackmount server product line.

Netra 6000 Carrier-Grade Blade Servers

Netra 6000 Servers and Networking

Carrier-grade blades deliver high scalability, extreme density, and deployment flexibility to meet the demands of secure communications applications. The Netra 6000 carrier-grade blade servers are designed for media services delivery, including operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS).

In the Spotlight

White Paper: Netra T4 Systems Improve Delivery and Reduce Costs

White Paper

Netra T4 Systems Improve Delivery, Reduce Costs

Improve IT Efficiency

Video: Driving Network Transformation


Driving Network Transformation

Oracle and Intel Webcast

White Paper: Netra System Architecture

White Paper

Netra System Architecture

Netra SPARC T4-1 and T4-2 Servers

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