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Oracle Solaris 11.3

Features of Oracle Cloud Platform
Ten New Security and Performance Features of Oracle Solaris

By Rick O’Herron

If you run a data center, we've got news for you. Oracle Solaris 11.3 comes with ten new features that reduce complexity and allow faster, more secure, application deployments—whether on premises or in a private or public cloud.

The Oracle Solaris engineering team works with both Oracle Database and Java engineering teams, resulting in twentyfold faster database startup times. One improvement born of this new collaboration includes dynamic database memory resizing, so you can increase and decrease memory to meet demand without taking the database offline. Another improvement is easy tracking and resolution of poorly performing I/O paths, which are often the last and most difficult to spot performance bottlenecks in the data center.

Here are nine other features of Oracle Solaris that improve data center security and performance:

Protects all your data by encrypting everything, everywhere, all the time: Oracle Solaris 11.3 offloads encryption to the processor. It’s integrated with Oracle Key Manager to manage all your encryption keys, thus combining protection with high performance. This is made possible by running Advanced Encryption Standard at more than 80 GB per second on Oracle's SPARC M7 chip, resulting typically in a less than 1 percent penalty in performance.

Secures live migrations by default: Oracle Solaris 11.3 uses both Intel and SPARC hardware-based encryption to automatically secure your virtual machines so that data is protected both in transit and at rest.

Get Oracle Solaris 11.3

Get Oracle Solaris 11.3.

Provides control of who can do what and where: Delegated administration allows you to prevent credentials misuse by providing only the access necessary to do the job.

Sets time limits on the system privileges you give to in-house employees, contractors, and seasonal employees: Access expires when you need it to. Auditing and logging files never touch the disk and never become a file because they’re automatically sent over the network to a secure server so they can’t be tampered with.

Prevents memory violations: Silicon Secured Memory helps protect your data at the chip level and thwarts attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in applications. Oracle Solaris 11.3 and SPARC M7 servers can stop any application that’s attempting to access protected memory.

Secures your cloud deployments: The Unified Archives Installer helps you clone a system, deploy a configuration on an alternate system, or migrate to a hardware or virtual system. It encrypts bootable media such as ISO or USB images over the network during installation. Immutable Zones prevent modification, allowing you to lock down the virtual machines and verify they meet your compliance standards.

the world's most advanced enterprise operating system

Oracle Solaris 11.3 is the world’s most advanced enterprise operating system.

Deploys and manages clouds quickly: Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Solaris is integrated with Oracle Solaris. It lets you update live systems, create unified archives for deployment, and automate management, including automatically restarting services. Oracle Solaris bundles open-standard APIs such as Puppet for managing configurations across systems, and applying repeatable practices from one system to the next, whether you’re running Oracle applications, third-party packages, or home-grown apps.

Automates security compliance reporting: Oracle Solaris 11.3 lets you tailor policies to particular workloads and verifies that the environment you’ve created is compliant with your policies. Automated reports tell you where you’re out of compliance and how to remedy the situation, while dramatically simplifying compliance reporting.

Processes data faster: Ever-growing data volumes in the cloud are increasing storage expenses. Oracle Solaris 11.3 lets you lower your storage footprint tenfold using the data compression features built into Oracle Zettabye File System (ZFS). You can then take advantage of the read-write capabilities when you post data into other environments.

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