Installation from CD/DVD or USB

Prior to installing, check the System Requirements and the Release Notes. The document First Steps with Oracle Solaris 11 Article provides more details about install options.

Oracle Solaris 11.4 Text Installer

The Text Installer is ideal for installing a basic server. Installations can be customized after the initial install process.


Oracle Solaris 11.4 Automated Installer Boot Image

The Automated Installer boot image allows client systems to do a network installation from an IPS repository without having an existing AI service on the network. See Automated Installations That Boot From Media for more information.



Once you have downloaded an ISO or USB image, verify it by checking against the relevant sha256 digest

USB images must be transferred to a USB flash drive. See the Oracle Solaris 11.4 FAQ to learn how to use either dd(1) or usbcopy(1) to accomplish this.

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