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As the provider of an advanced In-memory computing analytical platform, we are always looking at innovative ways of increasing our performance. We have been testing the SPARC M7 and S7 Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) open APIs and initial results show our queries running an amazing 6-8 times faster. These results were achieved while we had up to 8x lower CPU usage, as the DAX engines offload the cores and free them up to do other work.

—Antoine Chambille, CTO


As a leading telecom network and software solutions provider in China, timely and high quality software delivery are imperative for our business. Our solutions are multi-threaded, memory intensive and response time sensitive and demand high performance. Working with Oracle and using the Silicon Secured Memory feature on SPARC M7 AND S7 we have been able to shorten time to find and fix bugs by 3 days. This is a huge benefit as detecing and fixing memory access issues is normally a very difficult and time consuming process.

—Fu Tingsheng, Director of Engineering, CMC IP & Network Delivery

AsiaInfo, an industry leading supplier of software solutions and services for telecommunications, has been an Oracle partner for many years and our SMS Gateway solution is supported on Oracle SPARC T5 and Oracle Solaris 11. Oracle Solaris has proven to be a trusted platform for our applications, and the latest release of Oracle Solaris Studio delivers high-productivity features and tools that help improve our time to market. We used the Oracle Solaris Studio Code Analyzer for memory leak protection and it helped us be more proactive and improve our efficiency by 50 percent. Our developers were impressed with the ease of use and depth of data provided by the Oracle Solaris Studio analysis tool suite.

—Fu Tingsheng, Director of Engineering, China Mobile Customer Data Business Division

AsiaInfo, a leading provider of telecom network and software solutions in China, is testing their AsiaInfo Internet Short Message Gateway (AIISMG) solution on Oracle’s Software in Silicon Cloud to improve overall software reliability and security. The Software in Silicon Cloud is a very economic and efficient method for AsiaInfo to validate the upcoming hardware and software from Oracle on our AIISMG solution.

—Fu Tingsheng, Director of Engineering, China Mobile Customer Data Business Division


Our biggest clients need highly performant and scalable systems to grow their business and consolidate data from other banks in the future. With Oracle SuperCluster we can offer a platform that meets these requirements and offers our customers lower TCO for Asseco's def3000/CB solution. Oracle Systems are now a preferred platform.

—Robert Plocinski, Technical Director, Commercial Banks Department, Asseco

BMC Software

BMC Software, the industry leading workload automation solution, has successfully utilized Oracle Solaris for more than 10 years and supports many of the critical applications that run on SPARC hardware and across the enterprise. The solution offers true cross-enterprise capabilities and supports a vast array of platforms including the Oracle Solaris operating system starting with Oracle Solaris 5 and currently with Oracle Solaris 11. Our customers value the breadth and depth of knowledge BMC provides and that is why we are proud to be partnering with Oracle to support Solaris 11 and the new T5 SPARC Server which will further enrich our customers workload automation processing capabilities.

—Erez Gordon, Product Development Manager, Workload Automation

BPC Banking Technologies

BPC Banking Technologies' long-term relationship with Oracle aims to find the best technology solutions for our clients. We successfully tested SmartVista on Oracle's SPARC M7 server running Oracle Solaris, and measured the impact of the Oracle Database In-Memory option along with the SPARC M7 processor's new SQL in Silicon feature," said Evgeny Kozhin, senior solutions architect, BPC Banking Technologies. “We were excited to see dramatic performance increases for both our online and batch processing tests. SmartVista is highly tuned and traditionally we only see incremental performance gains with new processor generations. No modifications to SmartVista were needed to get these extraordinary results

—Evgeny Kozhin, Senior Solutions Architect

Brown University

We are currently working on characterizing the performance of DAX across a suite of modern in-memory data layout schemes. After completing this study, we will work on the optimal use of DAX in accelerating interactive data exploration and visualization with the Tupleware main-memory database system and S-Store real-time stream processing system,” stated Ugur Centimenel, Chairman of the Computer Science Department, Brown University. “Through these studies, we will quantify the performance and scalability of M7 and DAX on real workloads involving sophisticated search and machine learning over large data sets.

—Ugur Centimenel, Chairman of the Computer Science Department, Brown University


Capitek AAA is a carrier-grade access authentication management application for the wireless communication networks across China. In our tests processing log files for each AAA server, Oracle's SPARC M7 systems with Silicon Secured Memory and Oracle Solaris Studio development tools proved to be the only effective method of protection against dangerous programming vulnerabilities,” said Jerry Chen, senior manager, Telecom Software Product Department. “It enabled Capitek AAA to be more secure and highly available with very little impact on overall system performance. Other software based memory checking tools proved to be unusable due to their large overhead.

—Jerry Chen, Senior Manager, Telecom Software Product Department


Mike Revitt, Global Head of Engineered Systems for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), discusses the migration of their customers from on premises to the cloud and how Oracle’s SuperCluster is helping them get there.


Our Fraud Management solution FraudView® on Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Solaris 11 greatly exceeded our expectations and was able to load call data records 6x faster than the previous benchmark. Achieving Oracle SuperCluster Optimized status allows us to compete more effectively and expand into larger telco markets. cVidya is looking forward to leveraging the new functionality of Oracle Solaris 11.2 to achieve higher levels of availability for our customers.

—Alon Aginsky, President and CEO


Dynamic Systems is a dedicated technology advisory and execution partner to mission critical government agencies—including the defense, federal and state agencies. Since 1991, we have been an integral partner in driving two key outcomes: assuring business outcomes, and accelerating transformation.

Our team of experienced professionals has delivered complex I.T. projects that have helped agencies serve the American people in more efficient ways—leveraging cloud, and edge computing without compromising security. We bring extensive infrastructure expertise that has transformed agency footprint—from data centers to legacy hardware modernization and data integration.


EMC and Oracle have thousands of mutual customer installations worldwide. For our customers with a long-term tape requirement, EMC Data Protection Suite provides an excellent solution with top performance for the new SPARC M7 product line from Oracle.

—Matt Waxman, EMC,VP Product Management

EMC and Oracle have collaborated for more than 15 years and we’re happy to see continued investment in Oracle Solaris. We expect the advanced features of Unified Archives to enable our joint customers to simplify their IT environments without compromising performance. EMC plans to leverage Oracle Solaris 11.2 functionality to achieve optimal integration with our storage.

—Brian Jackson, Senior Director, Technology Alliances


Clients look for high stability, reliability and scalability when evaluating infrastructure to run analytics and process database transactions. Oracle’s SPARC T5 Server running Oracle Solaris 11 offers these attributes as well as innovative power management features and a new directory-based protocol that reduces unnecessary coherence chatter and memory latency. We look forward to begin testing it in our Technology Evaluation Center (TEC).

—Ron Lennis, Oracle Practice Manager


Running Oracle Database on Oracle SPARC T4 Servers and Oracle Solaris have long provided us the performance, reliability, and availability we need to meet our customers’ most demanding workload requirements. We are looking forward to further defining the speed of what’s possible with the new SPARC T5 servers.

—Mike Thompson, President and CEO


Informatica Corporation is a global leader in providing data integration software and services that enable organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy. Worldwide, more than 5,000 customers in 82 countries depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets residing on-premise or in the Cloud. We have found Oracle Solaris 11 running on SPARC servers to be a secure, reliable and high performance platform for our customers who expect enterprise class scalability and agility. We have been excited to see the transformation of Oracle Solaris into a premier cloud platform, and with the introduction of Oracle Solaris 11.2, we are confident our customers will greatly benefit from the new virtualization and deployment options that come with Unified Archives and OpenStack integration.

—Ash Kulkarni, SVP and GM, Data Integration


Efficient performance and robust scalability are critical requirements for banks to manage growth globally. The current lab benchmarks with Oracle SuperCluster prove Finacle’s prowess in easily processing large volumes of transactions across functions critical to banking. With Finacle, banks can now scale without worrying about managing exponential increases in business volumes without rising costs.

—Venkataramanan TS, VP Infosys Finacle


Infovista has a longstanding relationship with Oracle around SPARC and Oracle Solaris. As a leading provider of Network Performance Monitoring and Service Level Management solutions for Service Providers and Shared IT organizations, Infovista is pleased with the release of Oracle Solaris 11's unique virtualization features which, combined with Oracle's high performance SPARC T5 servers, help us differentiate our products to our customers. We fully endorse the announcement of Oracle Solaris 11.2 and look forward to taking advantage of its enhanced cloud management capabilities. Oracle’s investment in Oracle Solaris and the Oracle Solaris Guarantee Program provide us the confidence to support business-critical applications with SPARC and Oracle Solaris today and into the future.

—Thierry Hanot, R&D Director


Based in Hyderabad, India, Intense Technologies Limited provides enterprise agility suites that are proven to solve mission critical enterprise challenges for a wide range of applications across a number of vertical industries, including a 70% share of the Indian telecom sector. We have deployed Intense Uniserve, a comprehensive customer life cycle management platform, on the latest Oracle SPARC T5 server with Oracle Solaris 11 and have seen significant performance increases by leveraging the unique virtualization capabilities and Oracle Solaris ZFS technology to maximize system utilization and improve server consolidation. In addition, Oracle Solaris 11.2 Unified Archives will help to simplify our deployment and optimize our administrative costs. Oracle Solaris 11 coupled with Oracle Database and bundled with our Uniserve platform provides a highly scalable solution with amazing throughput and low TCO that make it a compelling value proposition for our customers.

—Srinivas Tangirala, Senior Vice President


JomaSoft recently completed performance tests on Oracle’s SPARC T7 system running Virtual Datacenter Control Framework (VDCF), our management solution for creating, migrating, patching and monitoring Oracle Solaris environments. Our results showed VDCF to be 1.5x faster core-to-core on SPARC T7 compared to SPARC T5. JomaSoft views Oracle’s powerful SPARC M7 and T7 systems as ideal platforms for customer consolidation and virtualization projects, with technology and value that no other vendor can offer.

—Marcel Hofstetter, CEO


Beijing Kingbase Information Technology Co., LTD. (Kingbase) is an independent and controllable database, big data related products, services and solutions provider in China,developed with international advanced level of large-scale universal database products, and is widely applied in the government, national defense, energy, finance, medical contour information security field.

Since its establishment, the company has always been based on the independent and controllable market, focusing on the field of data management, and developed into a leading enterprise of data management and service in China after three generations of inheritance. After nearly 20 years database technology research and development experience accumulated, Kingbase has built up the whole life cycle of data management, the whole technology stack system of products, services and solutions, accumulative total 26 patents, 87 copyrights, products are widely used in the electronic government affairs, national defense war industry, electric power and so on. More than 20 various key industries, completely installed the deployment of more than 500,000 sets, in nearly 3000 counties and cities all over the country.


MSC Software, a worldwide leader in multidiscipline simulation technology, recently tested our SimManager simulation data and process management system on Oracle’s SPARC M7 system with Oracle Database 12c. Our testing found SPARC M7 to be extremely scalable and able to deliver better core-to-core throughput than an Intel Xeon X5 v3 server running a SimManager workload. Oracle Solaris 11 virtualization also consolidates multiple instances of the MSC SimManager server, providing a simplified method of managing and processing hundreds of thousands of simulations for product design onto a single platform.

—Leo Kilfoy, General Manager, Engineering Lifecycle Management Business Unit


Mahindra Comviva is a rapidly growing global leader in mobility solutions with customers across 90 countries. Our PreTUPSTM is a widely deployed and highly scalable recharge or mobile top-up solution used by almost 9% of the global prepaid mobile subscriber population. Deployed at a leading South Asian operator, it caters to over 100 million subscribers with a peak transaction rate up to 13 million transactions a day. We have validated PreTUPSTM on Oracle Solaris 11 running on the latest Oracle SPARC T-series servers and immediately witnessed improved performance of the application. We look forward to testing the latest Oracle Solaris 11.2 features to deploy our enterprise class applications in a virtualized cloud environment. We expect new features like Unified Archives, Kernel Zones and integrated OpenStack will allow us to deliver a rich value proposition to our customers with reduced complexity and minimized deployment costs. In addition, Oracle Database optimizations will drive improved performance of PreTUPSTM and other Mahindra Comviva applications.

—Vikaas B. V., Vice President



Murex is currently evaluating Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 with MX.3. Based on first results, the Code Analyzer for memory error checking has proven its ability to be used in a industrialized way, the C++ 2011 language support enables the use of new syntax to improve code quality. Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 will certainly help Murex to continue enhance MX.3 code production tool-chain in a safe and integrated manner towards higher quality and productivity.

—Marwan Khalil, Global Head of Core Technologies


Neusoft’s Hospital Information System (HIS) is used widely by hospitals in China and other developing countries and has leading market share. We’re excited to see Oracle’s continuing investment in Oracle Solaris and SPARC, and believe Oracle Solaris 11.2 will provide the high performance, stability, availability and reliability Neusoft HIS requires. We look forward to certifying additional Neusoft solutions on Oracle Solaris 11.2.

—Yu Hongyong, Director of Solution Readiness Center


ORSYP is very impressed by the performance of Oracle's new SPARC T5 server running Oracle Solaris. ORSYP’s Dollar Universe benchmarks show that the SPARC T5-1B system easily supported a typical workload of 65,000 jobs per day with an average of 98 percent room to spare at this load level, and 89 percent available during load peaks. The SPARC T5 server executed the workloads 3x faster than the SPARC T4. ORSYP definitely sees Oracle’s SPARC T5 server as an ideal platform for workload automation and job scheduling.

—Guy Muller, VP of Engineering


WAY4 CMS and Switch solutions by OpenWay have demonstrated a very high performance on the SuperCluster T5 while running in a high available configuration. This benchmark will create opportunities for OpenWay customers to benefit from the engineering solutions by Oracle on SuperCluster T5/Solaris platform while reaching another level of the service quality.

—Dmitry Yatskaer, CTO


The Pluribus Networks Freedom Architecture is a disruptive combination of open software and hardware technologies. With the release of Oracle Solaris 11.2, now interoperable with our Pluribus Netvisor 2.0 and running on our converged server-switches, we are very excited about expanding our relationship with Oracle. Thanks to the highly programmable Netvisor architecture, Oracle and Pluribus Networks are integrating Oracle Solaris 11.2 Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities and OpenStack management functionality with Pluribus Netvisor 2.0 to provide customers with unmatched performance, visibility, and high-availability across the entire compute, network, and storage stack.

—Kumar Srikantan, Chief Executive Officer


PORTRIX Group customers depend on Oracle Solaris 11 as an extremely reliable and secure platform for deploying applications and services and we are excited to see the new and innovative features being introduced in Oracle Solaris 11.2, which evolve it into a premier platform for deploying enterprise-grade cloud solutions. The new virtualization features of Oracle Solaris 11.2 will allow our customers to be more agile and efficient, without paying the performance penalty of traditional hypervisors. With additional features like Unified Archive and deep integration with OpenStack, Oracle Solaris 11.2 has simplified the deployment and lifecycle management process for us. We are also excited to see the commitment Oracle is making in Oracle Solaris and SPARC by continuing to embed additional software capabilities in silicon to drive up performance, reliability and security for today's business critical workloads like in-memory database and big data.

—Henning Voss, CEO and Founder


Oracle's Software in Silicon technology delivers significant value to both SAS customers and internal development teams. The scalability, performance and extensive memory bandwidth of the Oracle SPARC M7 is well-matched with the highly threaded and memory intensive algorithms of our high performance Business Analytics software – which means customers running SAS on Oracle will see faster analysis of their data so they can make better business decisions,” said Craig Rubendall, vice president, Research & Development, SAS. “In addition, SAS uses a variety of tools to ensure the quality of code that is delivered to our customers. The SPARC M7’s Silicon Secured Memory feature along with the Oracle Solaris Studio Code Analyzer detected difficult to find run-time errors far more quickly than other products we use for this purpose, resulting in faster fixes to common code across all platforms.

—Craig Rubendall, Vice President, Research and Development

SAS Business Analytics enables faster, more accurate data-driven decisions. Implementing SAS Business Analytics on SPARC servers with Oracle Solaris solves critical business issues in transformational ways. SPARC and Oracle Solaris have long been a proven platform for SAS applications. We've seen in-house that the technically advanced features and design of the SPARC M5 servers along with processor and throughput enhancements provide a very well-suited platform for enterprise class SAS application deployments.

—Craig Rubendall, Senior Director of Research and Development

Siemens PLM Software

As a leading global provider of product lifecycle management software and services, Siemens PLM Software, helps thousands of companies realize innovation by optimizing their processes. We continually leverage our strong relationship with Oracle to ensure that our Teamcenter software is tuned to run on Oracle platforms. Teamcenter tests of the new Oracle SPARC M7 servers showed dramatic performance improvements, surpassing any improvements seen with a single generation upgrade of SPARC servers. Software-in-Silicon features of the SPARC M7 processor such as the Silicon Secured Memory and SQL in Silicon offer unique capabilities for performance tuning.

—Chris Brosz, Vice President of Technical Operations

Combining Teamcenter with Oracle SuperCluster delivers to our customers a secure, stable, high-performance platform for future growth. Using the embedded virtualization features that come with Oracle Solaris 11 on Oracle SuperCluster we were able to quickly install our entire Teamcenter software stack and rapidly transfer a massive Teamcenter database onto the Oracle SuperCluster engineered system. This high capacity system easily supported 5,000 concurrent heavy profile users with acceptable server response times with significant computational room for growth.

—Chris Brosz, Vice President of Technical Operations

Software AG

Software AG’s Adabas Database Management System Platform is optimized for large-scale transaction processing and provides high-performance and reliable data processing for enterprise business transactions. We have been collaborating closely with Oracle engineering and we recently tested Adabas version 6.4 SP 1 on Oracle’s SPARC M7 system through their early access program and achieved an amazing 2.8X performance increase over Oracle’s SPARC T5 system,” said Angelika Siffring, VP, Product Management, Software AG. “Software AG’s relationship with Oracle helps us provide the fastest and most secure software solutions to our mutual customers.

—Angelika Siffring, VP, Product Management

Software AG’s Integration Platforms, based on webMethods, enables customers using Oracle Solaris to quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications. The webMethods platform today leverages the complete, reliable, and secure solution of Oracle Solaris 11, to deliver uninterrupted application performance across the enterprise. With the introduction of Oracle Solaris 11.2 and application-driven software defined networking (SDN), we are confident our customers will benefit from even greater flexibility to manage and prioritize network traffic, while maintaining supporting the highest service level agreements (SLAs) in the industry. We are delighted to work with Oracle to bring our solutions to Oracle Solaris 11.2.

—Jonathan Heywood, Director, Product Management


Storix customers value the extreme stability and reliability of SPARC Solaris servers, and we are proud to be partnering with Oracle to support the upcoming launch of the SPARC Solaris T5 server. Our customers are looking forward to deploying T5 running Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), which simplifies provisioning, migrations and bare-metal recovery. ”With the T5's new CPU performance and throughput improvements, we are excited to begin testing our ability to easily migrate legacy SPARC Solaris servers to the T5 in our labs. Storix remains committed to the SPARC Solaris platform.

—David Huffman, President/CEO


Subex is a leading global provider of Business & Operational Support Systems (B/OSS) to 33 of world's biggest 50 communication service providers to enable business and CAPEX optimization and improve operational efficiency. Subex has 300 installations across 70 countries. We have deployed our Revenue Operations Center (ROC) platform on latest Oracle SPARC T5 server with Oracle Solaris 11 with rich features that help in diagnosing the application performance quickly, accurately and without impacting the production. Migrating our applications from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11 was achieved with minimal impact. Subex is excited to explore the new enterprise cloud functionality of Oracle Solaris 11.2 with features like Kernel Zones, Unified Archives and integrated OpenStack.

—Sanjaya G.S., Senior Director Engineering, Portfolio Development & Innovation


Symantec and Oracle have a long-standing relationship with a history of delivering innovative solutions to solve customers’ most pressing business problems. We have been testing Oracle Solaris 11.2 in our labs and we believe the new capabilities combined with Symantec Storage Foundation and Cluster Server will provide our mutual customers with a secure and simple solution for deploying an enterprise grade scalable platform to address their ever growing data management and high availability needs.

—Doug Matthews, Vice President, Product Management


Our banking customers value the commitment Temenos has made to Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC systems, where mission critical and cloud deployment come together. We fully endorse Oracle Solaris 11.2 and look forward to taking advantage of the new cloud virtualization technology with Kernel Zones and Unified Archives to better manage the banking solutions we offer our customers today. Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC systems provides Temenos exceptional levels of stability and performance that take on the demands of today’s virtualized environments for our business critical applications. We are excited to see the new cloud capabilities and enterprise class stability of Oracle Solaris 11.2.

—Simon Henman, Product Manager - Technical Approval, Sizing & Performance

Temenos T24 on Oracle’s M6-32 SuperCluster engineered system enables Temenos’s customers to securely consolidate their solution at a large ratio without affecting performance, replacing a number of machines with capacity still available for future plans as well as growth. Temenos T24 on Oracle SuperCluster improves efficiency, performance and reduces costs, leading to a better customer experience. With storage performance improving 10x on existing solutions and a TCO providing massive savings, the platform considerably improves security, performance and availability over existing deployments.

—Simon Henman, Product Manager - Technical Approval, Sizing & Performance


On top of the existing security functionality in Oracle Solaris, Trend Micro Deep Security has long provided additional security, including intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection for Oracle Solaris customers to help ensure protection and compliance for their data centers. We are excited for the announcement of Oracle Solaris 11.2 and look forward to better serving our joint customer base by taking advantage of the stability and reliability of Oracle Solaris 11.2 and its new cloud, virtualization and OpenStack capabilities.

—Partha Panda, Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances

Unix Packages

UNIX Packages have been building and providing open source packages for Oracle Solaris for over 30 years. We are the #1 provider of packages with well over 35,000 packages in our repository and are continually adding the latest versions of the most popular packages such as mysql, apache, openssl/ssh, etc. to ensure Oracle Solaris clients have the most secure and stable package versions on their systems. In addition to our package subscription service, UNIX Packages also provide consulting, support, and staffing services for Oracle Solaris and other platforms.


Veritas and Oracle have a relationship delivering innovative solutions that address customers’ most pressing business problems. Processing of massive volumes of data is a key requirement for our customers. We tested and qualified Veritas InfoScale (formerly Storage Foundation High Availability suite) and Veritas NetBackup on Oracle’s SPARC M7 servers and observed over 28 TB/hour of secure tape backup performance with only 10% system utilization on the new T7/M7 servers. Oracle's latest servers include the Software in Silicon feature of Application Data Integrity or ADI which along with built-in cryptographic engines enhance software security. Our NetBackup software was tested with these features which enhanced security for our customers without sacrificing performance.

—Tom Begehr, Director Product Management