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  • Speed Applications and Integrate the Cloud
    Only Oracle offers industry-leading on-premises storage, a full-service public cloud, and seamless integration between them so you can accelerate applications, improve data resiliency, and reduce costs.Learn about Cloud-Converged Storage

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers ultra-fast performance for all applications and unique Oracle Database capabilities that automate delivery of unrivaled storage speed and efficiency.Find out more about Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

  • Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers ground-breaking Oracle Database data protection that eliminates data loss, ensures recoverability to any point in time, and minimizes recovery times.• Learn about Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
Oracle Storage provides Faster Results
  • Ready to Dramatically Lower Your TCO?
    Lower TCO is driven by high-performance and low cost. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers both, enabling you to support dynamic cloud environments with fewer and much less costly solutions.Find out more about Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

  • Dramatically reduce TCO for Oracle Database storage with unique capabilities that reduce storage capacity by up to 75 percent and increase application performance by up to 20 percent.Understand Oracle Storage Software optimizations

  • TCO is crucial when you archive data to meet business and regulatory requirements. Oracle offers a choice of low-cost cloud and tape-based archiving solutions which can be up to 95 percent less costly than disk.View Oracle’s StorageTek Tape archiving solutions
Oracle Storage provides Lower TCO
  • Increase Efficiency with Automation and Analytics
    Oracle Engineered Storage automates up to 90 percent of storage setup and tuning in dynamic Oracle Database environments, and deliver context-sensitive information that increases management productivity.Learn about Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol

  • Endless data growth drives greater management complexity, but Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance cuts that complexity with storage analytics that are up to 70 percent easier to use than NetApp’s. Understand Oracle’s Usability Advantage

  • Storage management now extends into the cloud, and Oracle’s cloud-converged storage approach makes it easy for every user and application to take advantage of public cloud storage. Learn about Cloud-Converged Storage
Oracle Storage provides Better Management
RL Polk leverages HCC
RL Polk Leverages HCC with Oracle ZFS Storage

You can put the [Oracle ZFS Storage] Appliance next to your Oracle Exadata box, hook it up with Infiniband, and you can back things up at 10 or 15 TB/hr, some incredible rate. (2:37)

— Doug Miller, Database Development and Support, R.L. Polk & Co.
Apollo Group Streamlines with Integrated Oracle Solutions
Apollo Group Streamlines with Integrated Oracle Solution

Our backup and recovery times were really improved. Our backup time used to take over 24 hours to do our backups, now we can do the backups within an hour and our recovery time is under an hour. (1:56)

— Nari Rengaswamy, IT Director of Software Engineering, Apollo Group
Oracle Hardware and Software Help SunGard Optimize IT
Oracle Hardware and Software Help SunGard Optimize IT

Oracle Exadata and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance have enabled us to address massive growth, improve performance, and be more responsive to customer requests. (2:48)

— Hal Moretto, Director of Database Platforms, SunGard Availability Services
QBI Trusts Critical Research to Oracle Optimized Solution
QBI Trusts Critical Research to Oracle Optimized Solution

We chose Oracle’s StorageTek solutions because no other company can offer the same tape storage density, data integrity validation, and data assurance technology. Oracle’s StorageTek solutions offer our users scalable storage and 66 percent faster data response time than our previous tape technology. (6:13)

— Jake Carroll, Senior Information Technology Manager, Queensland Brain Institute

All Flash Storage

Oracle All Flash FS
All Flash Storage Systems

Oracle All Flash FS Storage System accelerates applications and databases to deliver consistent high performance with low latency, enabling you to achieve better business results.

NAS Storage

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
Oracle ZFS Storage - NAS Systems

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers high performance in dynamic cloud environments, and seamless integration with Oracle Public Cloud, making it easy for users and applications to leverage the cloud today. It delivers leadership storage efficiency, performance, and management automation that increase consolidation and reduce costs.

SAN Storage

SAN Systems
SAN Storage Systems

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System is the most intelligent, efficient and economical flash storage, and is purpose-built to deliver the best data placement for cost, performance and business value.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Unparalleled cloud-scale database protection.
Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the industry’s first appliance to deliver zero data loss protection for critical Oracle databases.

Tape Storage

Oracle StorageTek is an innovator and leader in digital archive and enterprise data protection
Tape Storage

Simple, easy-to-use, tiered storage solutions, enterprise tape, and tape automation deliver low TCO and long term investment protection.

Storage Software

Simplify IT Operations
Storage Software

Oracle’s storage software provides robust, policy-based storage administration that increases productivity. Our best-in-class analytics improves system uptime and our hierarchical storage management maximizes application performance, increases efficiency, and lowers costs.

Storage Accessories

Complement Your Storage Systems
Storage Accessories - Flash Storage

Oracle's storage accessories, including PCI cards, adapters, switches, and routers, complement Oracle's storage products to ensure ease-of-use, high performance, and cost efficiency.

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