Oracle ZFS Storage Software

Reduce Complexity, Risk, Inefficiency, and Cost

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide advanced software and Oracle exclusive coengineering to protect data, speed tuning and troubleshooting and deliver high performance and high availability.

  • ZFS Storage Software screen 1

    Graphical, customizable and easy to use dashboard views.

  • ZFS Storage Software screen 2

    Rapid and highly-detailed drill-down.

  • ZFS Storage Software screen 3

    Extreme granularity for rapid troubleshooting and resolution.

  • ZFS Storage Software screen 4

    View critical health parameters across the storage infrastructure.

Oracle ZFS Storage Software
  • High performance with intelligent software-driven caching across DRAM, flash, and disk
  • Multi-threaded SMP OS takes full advantage of multi-core CPUs to maintain high performance across varied workloads
  • Faster and easier troubleshooting with highly granular storage analytics
  • Deep cost savings and performance gains with unique compression
  • Streamlined setup for Oracle Database 12c with Oracle exclusive tuning automation and pluggable-database visibility and analytics
  • Reduced risk with built-in, advanced data-protection features
  • Robust platform with enterprise-class data services, including replication, snapshots, cloning and more
  • Flexible and expandable with multiprotocol and multi-network support
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Speed. Simplicity. Savings.

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