Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2

Performance, Efficiency, and Oracle Co-Engineering

Oracle’s entry-level application engineered storage system delivers extreme efficiency and better value, reducing cost, complexity, and risk while increasing performance for critical applications.

  • Oracle ZS3-2 Storage Appliance

    Unique cache-centric hybrid architecture features massive DRAM plus Flash to deliver extreme performance.

  • Oracle ZS3-2 Storage Appliance

    Multi-threaded SMP OS delivers extreme throughput.

  • Oracle ZS3-2 Storage Appliance

    Oracle exclusive integrations increase performance, automate tuning, reduce capacity, and lower TCO.

Oracle ZS3-2 Storage Appliance. Cost savings and IT efficiency.
  • Reduce filer sprawl and complexity
  • Run more queries and data services concurrently
  • Avoid virtual machine boot storms
  • Accelerates performance for all workloads by up to 5x
  • Decreases database storage requirements by 12x
  • Automates critical manual tuning processes
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FAIR Health Increases IT Efficiency with Oracle
FAIR Health Increases IT Efficiency with Oracle

FAIR Health uses Oracle Exadata Database Machine with a cluster of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances for backup to support its database of more than 15 billion claims. An additional Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance supports remote disaster recovery. (2:38)

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