Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System

Intelligent Flash Storage for Mission-Critical Applications

Oracle application engineered SAN storage, architected to exploit the power of flash for greater performance predictability, and better economics through automated tiering of flash and disk.

  • Granular data placement across four-tiers of flash and disk for superior efficiency and low cost.

  • Storage resources aligned to business priorities for predictable low-latency and high-throughput.

  • Secure multitenancy for SAN consolidation and cloud environments.

  • Extensive software included with the system for lower TCO.

  • Exclusive Application Profiles with one-click provisioning for faster setup and deployment, with reduced risk.

Oracle FS1 Storage

Ready to Maximize Flash Performance and Economics?

  • Architected to maximize flash storage benefits in enterprise environments.
  • Granular auto-tiering optimizes performance and cost across four tiers of flash and disk.
  • Co-engineered with Oracle Database and Applications for efficiency and performance.
  • Enterprise-grade high availability with no single point of failure for 24x7 operations.
  • Align storage resources to business priorities with patented QoS Plus.
  • Consolidate workloads and maintain predictable performance for mission-critical applications.
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Customer Success Stories
If your storage were smart and self-optimizing, using the right combo of intelligent caching, flash and disk—and could deliver QoS at a granular enough level—you'd be perfectly aligned. With the launch of the FS1, Oracle seems to have built just that.
-- Steve Duplessie, Senior Analyst & Founder, Enterprise Strategy Group
Groupe AGRICA and Oracle technology
We are extremely pleased with our experience with the new Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System and will be deploying it as the foundation of our virtualized, highly available private cloud infrastructure. FS1 will enable us to standardize on an intelligent storage platform that simplifies storage services and SLA management for our private cloud to support our company’s future growth.
-- Julien Mousqueton, CTO, Groupe AGRICA
Customer Success Stories
Keolis is France’s largest private sector transport group. We are impressed with Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System’s performance and ease-of-deployment with our current infrastructure. To protect our data we plan to implement a three-way disaster recovery configuration based on Oracle FS1 as a highly scalable storage platform combined with its high availability data replication features.
-- Olivier Parcollet, Information System Architect, Keolis
Dragon Slayer and Oracle
The FS1 aggressively solves two major application workload problems through the use of automation that replaces unsustainable, labor intensive administration. It ensures that mission-critical databases and applications are not impacted by less important requests, and it reacts dynamically at a granular level to meet the performance and capacity requirements of those applications at the lowest cost.
-- Marc Staimer, President, Dragon Slayer Consulting
The new Oracle FS1 is like no other array we've ever seen on the market. Not only is the system engineered specifically for Oracle software, but also it's uniquely optimized for both performance and cost, depending on the workload. With built-in orchestration, the array is designed to dramatically speed deployment and simplify ongoing tuning. In addition, secure multi-tenant domains together with extremely high levels of storage allocation granularity supports a unique business-led QoS.
-- David Vellante, chief research officer,

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