Access to or possession of a license key, code, file, etc. which unlocks or enables a software product is not a grant of entitlement . Your license agreement with Oracle provides the terms governing your use of Oracle’s products. Please ensure you are using the products in accordance with your license agreement.

Acme Packet License Keys


Oracle Communications products have adopted a self-provisioning model for licensed features and capacities. As part of the system configuration process, many ordered feature and/or capacity licenses can be self-provisioned. Therefore, no license keys are required if running a current version of the Oracle Communications Session Delivery product(s).

These initial releases and those released after allow self-provisioning:

  • Oracle Communications Session Border Controller, S-Cz7.2.0
  • Oracle Communications Session Router, S-Cz7.2.0
  • Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager, S-Cz7.2.5
  • Oracle Communications Core Session Manager, S-Cz7.2.5
  • Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker, P-Cz2.0.0
  • Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller, E-Cz7.2.0
  • Oracle Enterprise Session Router, S-Cz9.2.0

For more details on how to do this, please refer to the "Provisioning Entitlements" section of the ACLI Configuration Guide available on the Communications Documentation page.

Please note, certain licensed features and/or capacity, regardless of software version, will always require a license key to use. If any of these products are ordered, Oracle License Codes Support will email license key information directly to the customer within two business days of the order booking.

When a new system is ordered, the hardware will be shipped with any required license codes pre-loaded onto the system. Any remaining ordered feature and capacity licenses can be self-provisioned.

For all other Acme Packet license key scenarios, please submit a request here.

Request a Key

Customers that are running an earlier release that does not support feature and capacity self-provisioning must submit a license key request here. Customers will need to provide their Sales Order #, Mainboard serial number, Platform Model, and Software Revision.

Trials and Loaner Program

Oracle Communications operate a software trial and Loaner Program where customers can download software for evaluation, development, demonstration and testing purposes. These programs require acceptance of applicable Oracle terms and conditions. You must accept the applicable terms and conditions before using any Oracle product. Deployment is limited to non-production systems. For more information on these programs, contact your Oracle Sales Representative to request an engagement or submit a request here.