Access to or possession of a license key, code, file, etc. which unlocks or enables a software product is not a grant of entitlement . Your license agreement with Oracle provides the terms governing your use of Oracle’s products. Please ensure you are using the products in accordance with your license agreement.

Relsys License Keys

Current product versions available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud do not require a license key for installation or upgrade. However, previous Relsys products will continue to require a license key for installation and operation. These keys are provided in the tables listed below.

Argus Safety

The table below lists the full use license keys for the various versions of Argus Safety and related modules (including Insight, Perceptive, etc.).

Argus Product Version "Full Use" Serial Number / License Key
Argus Safety 5.0.1 or above No key required
Argus Safety 4.2 SP1 HF4 or above No key required
Argus Safety 4.2 versions below SP1 HF4 ORACLFXFXAAAA582066AAAAAAPDH42FAOAAA
Argus Safety 4.1 all versions ORACLFXFXAAAA582066AAAAAAPDH42FAOAAA
Argus Safety 3.0.2 all versions ORACLWEAAAAAA131742AAAAAAPBEAQAAEAAA
Argus Safety 3.0.1 all versions ORACLAPBAAA131689AAAPBE
Argus Safety 2.9.x all versions ORACL16YYPYYPHI
Argus Insight 5.0 or above No key required
Argus Insight All other versions ORACLFXFXAAAA582066AAAAAAPDH42FAOAAA
Argus Perceptive 5.0 or above No key required
Argus Perceptive All other versions ORACLFXFXAAAA582066AAAAAAPDH42FAOAAA

For updating existing Argus Safety installations, you will need to apply the updated license key by running the following SQL statement in each of your existing Argus Safety database(s):

		update cmn_profile set value = 'insert_value_from_above'
where  section = 'SYSTEM'
and     key = 'ACTIVATION'


The table below lists the full use license keys for EasyTrak 5.1:

EasyTrak Version Database Type "Full Use" Serial Number / License Key
5.1x Oracle ETC510AQ21ZQ999
5.1x MS SQL ETC510AQ21ZM999
5.1x Sybase ETC510AQ21ZR999
5.1x Single User ETC510AQ21AL999

To apply the full use license key to an existing installation, you can either:

Reinstall the EasyTrak software using the new license key on all local workstations


Update two ini files on your existing installation:

1) EasyTrak.ini file located in the EasyTrak\Program folder
2) Easyws.ini file located in the Windows or Winnt folder

Open each ini file and go to [Preferences] Section. Locate the line beginning with "Colors =X" (X may be any letter). Replace this letter with the letter "Z" (for Multi-user databases) or with “A” (for Single user database) and save the file.

If EasyTrak is installed locally, then you must also update the Easytrak.ini file in the local installation. If this does not work, re-install EasyTrak client on workstation.