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Oracle R Distribution is an Oracle-supported redistribution of open source R. Oracle R Distribution is provided as a free download from Oracle and comes pre-installed on Oracle Big Data Appliance. Oracle R Distribution is part of Oracle's overall strategy for Big Data. Oracle R Distribution facilitates enterprise acceptance of R, since the lack of a major corporate sponsor has made some companies concerned about fully adopting R.

Why Oracle R Distribution?

  • Improve scalability and performance at R client and database with Oracle R Enterprise embedded R execution
  • Dynamically load linear algebra performance libraries for Intel's Math Kernel Library (MKL), AMD's ACML, and Sun Performance Library for Solaris, which enables optimized, multi-threaded math routines to provide relevant R functions maximum performance on targeted hardware
  • Oracle-provided enterprise support for customers of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option, Oracle Linux, and the Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Free download
  • Oracle makes bug fixes and enhancements available to the R community for inclusion in open source R


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